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  1. 6 MAY To ThaiVisa techy: I'm SORRY. Problem not Thaivisa!!!!!!!! chat to Norton. They say Norton Family is blocking To everyone: if have probem ANGLER EXPLOIT KIT on Thaivisa newsletter, must disable Norton FAMILY. This app stops child on your network open this! If that not work: uninstal Norton (everything) then install again. make sure not Norton Family OK done that. my friend have same. Newsletter works now.
  2. No. if you read my posts above to see. 1. Norton 360. Norton Lifelock. Other security not catch it 2. Not only me. Friend different PC, diff Os and different email provider, has Norton 360 Norton Lifelock exactly same problem with Thaivisa newsletter. Exactly same infected links 3. Angler Exploit Kit is embed in only a few topics/links in the newsletter. Not all. Not adverts 4. Infected link blocked by Norton. cannot open from newsletter 5. Twice the Thaivisa techy has success fixed it next newsletter, but problem back after that
  3. Newsletter 4 may and 5 may today has ANGLER EXPLOIT KIT in again some links. Cannot open some topics from in the newsletter. can open same topic from the ThaiVisa website and have no infection. so the infection is in the newsletter and so I think on the server you use to send the newsletter. I hope techy can fix it. whatever you do on the time I write notice here, it WORKS so I think you must know exactly what it is cause it, yes? But the problem comes back next day newsletter.
  4. Norton found infection. MalwareBytes not. I think MalwareBytes doing something wrong! I report that SUCCESS again after I post here. Thank you techy. Problem every day all year gone away now after i report problem. What you do worked. On 2 May and 3 May no more ANGLER Exploit problem in newsletter. Thank you.
  5. I have sent messages no reply 3 days so write here https://newsletter.thaivisa.com contains 'Angler Exploit Kit website 21' infection Some links (topics), but not all, in EVERY newsletter sent to email have this. found by Norton, but not by some other security. So if you do not see a warning, cos you not using Norton. Infection still there I have asked friends with Thaivisa newsletter also with Norton and they get the same. so this not about my laptop Topics in newsletter BLOCKED. cannot open
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