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  1. Posted by Admin-----they really know how to put click bait up don't they.....should be good for at least 10 pages..............
  2. Oh I understand sapson---Thanks so this --quote--"I’m booked in for operation phuket hospital may 2021" is his choice of when to go into the Hospital....... I thought they were holding him up .....wrong again..
  3. I don't understand that taninthai----have you read the health column on here? You understand that most hospitals now fast track? last month I had a hip replacement...(In a mid size hospital) Udon Thani--5 day wait was because I take blood thinners---otherwise 2 days, 3 falangs had knee opps that month , longest wait 4 days....Great service, great treatment, the whole thing with the 3 night stay, 160K Baht £3,900----are you Thai? what is the wait if your paying---I don't understand your posting.
  4. I am quite happy with the no smoking in restaurants and bars....I really didn't think it would be enforced when the law came in. In their own Condo's no, not if they want to---I don't know how you would really be able to police that. **I've never smoked.
  5. America has had 18 Presidents in the 20th century ----in that same period they gave out 20,000 pardons or commutations ....Twenty Thousand Approximately 20,000 pardons and commutations were issued by U.S. presidents in the 20th century alone-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_pardoned_or_granted_clemency_by_the_president_of_the_United_States *** Better make that 17, Kennedy didn't get much of a chance to do it.
  6. And Australian nationals can return---and American Nationals can return -----UK Nationals can return---French nationals....etc etc . The problem is that Thailand is to lenient with its overseas residents. So your friend came here when he was over 50 decided to stay, start a business get married etc etc....... try that in any of the countries mentioned above. Anyway as Expatoilworker is pointed out he can get insurance, you just check didn't before the whine..........
  7. Is it still legal in Cambodia and sold openly at the markets & used in a lot of their food? Haven't visited there for a few years, but remember seeing sacks of it in the Russian market especially.
  8. With a country only half the size of Bangkok---and half the population, they should be able to do well in controlling it. The longest road in that place..(Yio Chu Kang) is only 14 Klm
  9. 2% contraction makes this a better forecast than--: America--Australia -- Britain. Or any other E.U country.. But it is just that...a Forecast. Thailand has not always been correct in its forecasts.
  10. Please look Trip top----that's what that reply is in reference too. What Engineering feats have been lately by the UK without help...You are getting the Germans to build your rail link to Birmingham aren't you.?
  11. Another technology invented by the British. The Chuo Shinkansen is the culmination of Japanese maglev development since the 1970s, a government-funded project initiated by Japan Airlines and the former Japanese National Railways (JNR) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C5%AB%C5%8D_Shinkansen Wow your doing it again aren’t you……maybe your getting mix up with the Bridge over the river Kwai, the Brits helped with that. The only other major engineering project that I can think of at the moment is that they are cleaning Big Ben---and the good news is that it will only take you 4 y
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