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  1. Thanks for all the jnfo Sheryl, I really appreciate it.. I didn't want to do BKK, but in reality I thought I probably would be. Not so much the operation, but after care---when they say to you OK come back next week & next week & next week/or in 10 days...etc.... Its a bit of a struggle from Udon Thani in the good times, dreadful at the moment.
  2. Why is it that we stay here? & do you put yourself in the 90----or 10% for me , there doesn't seem to be that many sites around, which in some ways is surprising with the amount of ex-pats here.
  3. Why don't you start a new thread off ECLV---something like should I pay Sin-Sot......or ..I don't think my girl is cheating on me ..But....
  4. That's true I am one of them..... I am sure they could (would) do this in a criminal case Susco, but for a civil action, would the police spend their time to do this for a person.?
  5. Hi Sheryl thanks--I have been looking at some of the latest innovations on YouTube---I have to see Khon K on the 19th will ask them how it stacks up against what they have. I know they do not have transcatheter.. One of the main things that does worry me is the cutting of the breast plate What BKK Hospital do you think would have the latest or best equipment for this. Thanks for your help.
  6. I'm confused.....repatriation = the return of someone to their own country.. and then does this leave persons who qualify to enter. Enter where.? their own country..... This is about Thai nationals coming home----yes?
  7. I have had this since I was a child----but managed to live a healthy life with Squash/football/ weights/lots of cardio. The last year I have had two heart failures ---not heart attacks, one while running. I have cut back on exercise a lot. The General hospital in my City (Udon Thani) seems to think I should have this done ASAP. I was consulting them for a hip replacement, but they wanted to do (& did) a heart scan The Queen Siriket Heart hospital Khon Kean -- which I have been going to for about 7 years (3 times a year to check) say you don't have to do it now--but put some consideration into the fact that your 73 now, do you want to wait until your 78--80 then have open heart operation. I was just on just 6mg Dilatrend Twice a day.....& a Diuretic, The Local hospital added 2 mg Warfarin daily also. Usually my outlook on most medical matters is --"Don''t cut unless you really have to" but I am little confused on this one. So looking for advice--anyone had the opp or in the same position...etc ..etc
  8. The Joys of Social media ezzra---they have to find out who is "glegolo" first....so unless he is silly enough to use just one e-mail for all correspondence. That BMW wont stand a chance................
  9. As an outsider, after watching all the debates, I did find it difficult to understand why the Dem Voters picked Joe.
  10. I don't think they are talking about buying it through your wife FritsSikkink, they are talking about buying, through another person with conditions on the Chanut that make it theirs. There are (were in the past ) several ways of doing that--a phony morgage ,( $$ owed to the farang, )much higher than the worth of the land. A company which the farang owns 49% and 3-4 other people not known to each other own smaller % and you also have their undated letter of resignation. With the wife, it is against Thai law to enter any contract with her. Some people think they have a 30 year lease on the house from the wife----they don't. Under Thai marriage laws any agreement between husband and wife entered into during the marriage can be voided by either of them at any time during the marriage or within one year from the final divorce. For this reason only a prenuptial agreement between husband and wife is under Thai law a valid contract if made pre-marriage and registered in the marriage register at the time of marriage, but it is a void contract if made post-nuptial (section 1466)..
  11. So Blumpie, what happens to a country that can see that their only way out of an impending crises --the mass unemployment and everything that comes with it, is to lower their Currency--- What do they (rest of the world) do to a currency manipulator?........... I know in the case of Chine it is---just buy more off of them. What would it be in Thailand's situation?
  12. Yer ---same with mine , also it doesn't look Suay..........
  13. Would it be news if it was double those figures--- like it is in England? Its a really cheap shot at the mother.....kids at that age, their last tooth usually comes through at about 3 years.....there's times you don't get a lot of sleep. & in Asia-- I wouldn't think there were times a women would get much help either. I am sure she will be held to blame by The Righteous Few, who have never made a mistake that has haunted them....
  14. 46,526 Dead Sounds like a real success story longsone...... I worked in London for a while, & like a very large part of its daytime population I commuted in. When London work kicks off once again, and the 10,000s head back into their jobs from all parts of the UK, when all its their university's open and, the 1,000s of kids from as far as Scotland head back into London. Tell me then that their looking at a great success story. Until then I really don't think the Covid19 has finished with London (Or the UK) You wouldn't want to be in Kiwi land now with no Covid19 Virus found at all in the last 100 days..................but their nuts, they locked down.
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