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  1. Has anyone on this forum gone through the process of obtaining a 90 day spouse visa, quarantine, testing etc stayed in Thailand for a while and then come back to the UK? What was the experience like? I am thinking of doing this as I permanently live in the UK and normally just visit my wife on a tourist visa. I cannot stay very long due to work commitments etc. Did you have any difficulties obtaining a flight for the return?
  2. I just wondered if anyone had any recent experience of this? My Thai wife and daughter live in Thailand and I am UK citizen living in the UK. I normally travel to Thailand for a few weeks for a few times a year on a tourist visa. Except I haven't been able to do this since January. I have looked and I qualify for a spouse visa so I can travel into Thailand. Has anyone had to do this recently - I know it is a long winded process - for a few weeks holiday? What was the process like? What was the total cost?
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