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  1. theguyfromanotherforum

    Erectile dysfunction drug overdose caused man's 'debilitating' vision problems, study says

    Sounds like fun. Would 10 Sidegra pills have the same effect?
  2. theguyfromanotherforum

    New start Chris

    Sure. Did she tell you that after you forked out your first payment? Jesus wept, some people have no shame.
  3. theguyfromanotherforum

    canada thai METV 60 day exit?

    The easiest depends on where you are located. If in Bangkok the easiest would be to fly to KL and return on the same day. Not the cheapest (although it can be), but it is easiest. edit Forget it. I missed your location.
  4. theguyfromanotherforum

    PM Prayut publicly admits election might be postponed

    That's a pretty crappy turnout since voting is compulsory in Thailand.
  5. theguyfromanotherforum

    I live in Thailand and I like it here.

    If the story is not about Farang getting miserabled, I simply won't read it.
  6. theguyfromanotherforum

    PM Prayut publicly admits election might be postponed

    Nothing is going to happen. The only people who care about election are Thai Visa posters. Thais either don't care or are scared to have an opinion. I am almost certain most don't care. Even the skies are clearing up and the pollution is down today. Mai pen rai, nothing worry.
  7. You also made a few other mistakes claiming the OP has a Masters in English. Put your reading glasses on please. Actually 1 Million baht would be a minimum for a woman of her caliber which would be promptly returned to both of them, of course. But it doesn't matter because it's a troll post.
  8. You live in Thailand, so your rant doesn't make sense. The guy also lives in Thailand and is marrying a Thai girl. If he was marrying a Thai girl in Europe that would be another story. Also unlike you, his girl's family did not scam him out of money. And what is he doing in foreign land without a dollar to his name. Maybe his future wife could organize a gofundme campaign for this broke millennial livin' the dream. I still think it's a troll.
  9. In subsequent posts the English gets a bit weaker. Coincidence? Also 100k sinsod is a joke. The money is most of the time returned. No educated girl would stick with such a loser especially if her parents paid the bills and sent her through school. That's another troll alarm bell.
  10. theguyfromanotherforum

    Toxic smog settles in for long haul

    Farangs who came here complaining about the nanny state back home can't have it both ways....unless, of course things start to affect you personally. Then the government should do more, eh? Newsflash! You moved to a third world country.
  11. Not written by Thai as English is just too good. Sorry, but troll
  12. theguyfromanotherforum

    Im sick and bored Amuse me

    Go out, take a deep breath and the smog will kill ya
  13. theguyfromanotherforum

    doctor for management of sinusitis

    You can't manage this. I have been reading recently that it makes my reflux worse. I tried using steroids and it helped a bit, but why bother. Forgot the name, comes in a green case. Sheryl probably knows.
  14. theguyfromanotherforum

    Im sick and bored Amuse me

    What? Not many haters here who like my posts. Stick around and keep my likes high.
  15. theguyfromanotherforum

    Severe shortage of N95 masks leave many Bangkokians at risk

    Go back to nanny state. Simples