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  1. This is all true , do you think Trump is planning to buy China and Russia as well ?
  2. You explore it discretely via recognised channels , not blast it across the media. How would you feel if your homeland was described as just another piece of real estate. The self styled greatest negotiator on earth has once again shown himself utterly incompetent . Should we ignore his idiocy just to spare the blushes of the Orange Clown's fan club ?
  3. You can open the bars 24/7 but if the Farang tourists aren't around there wont be many customers. Would make make more sense to promote 24 hour latex shops and roti stalls.
  4. That is quite an eloquent statement for a rabid Brexiter , congratulations.
  5. I sincerely hope im wrong but I fear that time will show mrs May to have been the realist , the no deal fantasists to be the fools.
  6. So reality is in cahoots with the Democrats , seems reasonable to me though I can see why the orange monkey army might object.
  7. It certainly appears incredible , and yet no denials from on high. It it I suppose a mark of Trumps lack of credibility that such an outrageous story can gain any traction.
  8. Bit awkward though as many Thais consider rule number 1 to be ; Ignore or attempt to circumvent most rules !
  9. Ridiculous generalisation ! I could just as easily argue that its those without very much money that have to stay , after all why would a wealthy person choose to live in Thailand .
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