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  1. Poor piece of deflection. You choose to ignore the fact that there are relative degrees of dishonesty. Check out any of the yearly corruption and transparency indexes , you will find that Thailand does not fare well.
  2. Why the assumption that AZ is the reason for the delay rather than SB ?
  3. To be fair its difficult to be positive about TAT's blatant disinformation.
  4. The government said they would have sufficient doses of vaccine ( untrue ) . The government now slaps hospitals down for not having sufficient doses and says allocation is fair. Frankly what is bizarre is that anybody believes a single word that the government utters.
  5. For obvious reasons I will not go into details of why I think it was done. Clearly though the initial total reliance on SB ( who had no experience in producing vaccines ) was a huge blunder. Do you disagree ?
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