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  1. Even if the numbnuts could understand the questions , they would refuse to answer them.
  2. Disgusting to use the holocaust to make a political statement. I visited Auschwitz a couple of years back and it was a deeply humbling experience , I cannot concieve what kind of scumbag would seek to make capital from it.
  3. Trump is a popularist , they always get found out and afterwards the electorate steers well clear of them for a good while. Its a universal trait , people like the idea of quick fixes but once burned they dont forget.
  4. Talking of senile , that rose garden address was a corker , you think he is playing the crazy card early in anticipation of a long jail sentence ?
  5. Its already been answered , the money would be better spent on solutions that actually work. Your turn now !
  6. Yep the laughter at the UN was a clear mark of respect.
  7. I agree , the court may now be Conservative but the judges are old school , Trump will get mauled.
  8. What are the advantages of 300 million guns banging around and ignoring scientific concensus on climate and the environment ?
  9. As Ms Coulter pointed out , only the most moronic of his base still believe such nonsense.Bannon is now on record as stating that the campaign slogan was just a metaphor , nobody expected an actual wall , least of all one paid for by the mexicans. It was and is a stupid idea yet Trump cant let it go , he has staked everything on a white elephant and sadly will drag the constitution into the gutter alongside him.
  10. Just build a wall around West Virginia and let the rednecks do as they wish , who would care !
  11. Yes its fantastic news , sets a wonderful precedent , in just a few years the democratic president can use executive powers to force through meaningful gun restriction laws .
  12. Lol You think on 200-300 baht a day these migrant workers can afford the time and money to qualify for legal status ?
  13. Less Scandinavians , lot more Chinese and Russians in Karon and Kata , otherwise not changed much.
  14. Very true , over the last decade I would estimate travelling time from the airport to the southern beach areas has approximately doubled.
  15. Your loss , ridiculous excuse , may as well add that you have avoided London , New York etc because the taxis are expensive. All the beach areas or Phuket town have a myriad of shops , bars and restaurants within walking distance . For exploring , and there is a lot to see , a weeks car hire wont set you back more than 1,000 baht or so per day , why would you even need a tuk tuk ? I have been a regular visitor to the island for almost 20 years , its far more crowded these days its true , but it is still preferable to most Isaan dustbowls by a factor of around 10,000 -1.
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