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  1. It may sound callous but essentially its Darwin's law at work , the weak (minded ) are being thinned out. The irony is of course that the exercise is utterly futile, Trump is simply preaching to the converted , no votes gained yet a number of votes lost from those now in hospital or dead.
  2. I haven't noticed that , probably because the polls haven't actually tightened at all .
  3. I will take that bet , just as I have with another Trumper. What's the stake ?
  4. If I choose to holiday next year it will be to a destination without substantial extra costs and draconian restrictions , I would wager almost all tourists will do likewise.
  5. Ah but you are assuming the state of emergency relates directly to the covid pandemic. I would suggest other considerations are paramount in the good generals thinking.
  6. None of which actually matters,Biden was chosen because he was the safest bet to beat Trump. It looks likely that he will so job done!
  7. You forgot to mention that the sky is pink this morning and giant lizards are drinking bubble tea in your bathroom !
  8. Oh really , link to these polls. There is no way on earth that Trump will win the popular vote !
  9. Clinton was unpopular , but she still got nearly 3 million votes more than Trump !
  10. Consider that on friday in Florida, Trump repeated his lie that the virus was going away. This at the same time that 80,000 new infections were reported !!! We all know that his blinkered base has long ago discarded reality but the swing / independent voter ain't going to swallow this nonsense. I truly think we are now going to see a landslide Biden win , popular vote margin of 10-12 million at least.
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