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  1. "There have been claims made elsewhere in the Thai media - and on the Facebook page of Manasvee - that the army man will try to use his influence to escape responsibility." He's an enlisted soldier, his circle of influence is other enlisted personnel. In other words, he has no influence. On top of that there are situations where your superiors are going to just advise you to bring your own rope; because, they are going to hang you. This is one of them.
  2. The accident happened at a U-Turn. If you drive anywhere in Thailand you know that large trucks rarely use the turn lane; and, nearly always are in the "passing lane" to allow them to make a wider turn. The buses pretty much live in that "passing lane". Add that to narrow U-Turns, U-Turns used as parking spaces/food vending, darkness with a poorly lit road; and, you get these results.
  3. Not sure why you wouldn't just buy your daughter an ipad clone for a couple thousand baht then load it with whatever you consider appropriate viewing for her ie. educational cartoons.
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