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  1. Two days ago checked out off hotel in Bkk and asked the porter to get me a taxi with the meter not the mafia to take me to swampy. Taxi arrived with the meter on showing 35 baht so I got in and we started out when the driver suddenly said 400 baht + expressway ok! So I said no and took a picture of the ID on the dash. Suddenly he got very scared and said ok I will take you for what you normally pay, to which I said 250 maximum. He did not like that squirmed a little and said I will stop so you can get another taxi but I said if you do not take me I will report you to the chosen one. So very carefully ( probably the most careful journey i have ever made to swampy ) we proceeded there and arrived with a meter price of 247 Baht which is 3 baht under the price for Soi 11 Sukhumvit to swampy unless the road is very busy, and that is what I paid him. I also refused to pay the 75 baht expressway charge just to teach him a lesson for cheating, and showing him the picture stopped any complaint. Just for good measure I waited because he spoke to a couple of new arrivals to take them back to Bkk and as they agreed to get in his cab I told them about his attempt to scam me, so they changed there minds and the traffic marshals moved him off the airport, so there was a good chance that he had to return to central Bkk empty. This is not the first time this has happened, one even had a meter that started at 37 baht and jumped to 47 baht before we had gone 20 metres, he also got threatened with reporting and reluctantly took me to swampy for 250 baht. I don’t suggest that everybody does this but they should certainly photograph the driver ID as soon as they get in the car ( easily done from the back seat ) and number plate of the car if he is a scammer and report him. Most are good but some try it on and need to be taken down one way or another. Ps just so you know Swampy to Nana is under 250 baht + 75 baht expressway unless the roads are busy but never more than 280baht even if the driver tries to up the price by doggedly sitting in a traffic jam when he can easily jump the qui as they normally do. If going to the Ekamai area of Sukhumvit Road the price is around 200 baht and no expressway charge because there is no need to use it
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