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  1. tigerbalm, my 6 month old Kbank book has a revised set of codes which could possibly mean the codes are in a state of flux. Interesting times ahead.
  2. scubascuba3, personally I am waiting until I do my 90 day then I will seek local TI clarification. After many years here - even their clarification is liable to change on a day to day basis. I pity those who are the pathfinders on this new TI chapter. It will need a few weeks/months for an agreed criteria to be locally implemented at your nearest TI.
  3. Tanoshi, agreed about statements being required. My concern is that unless TI see the word 'International' in a credit transfer they MAY choose to ignore that entry for purposes of the income calculations. Hence the need for Kbank to let TI know what the AAAxxxxx format codes mean.
  4. hansan5, I agree the coding is a mess, but the branch showed me a text translation saying that the codes were being 'rationalised' as they recently expanded the suffix (i.e MCLxxxxx) from 4 to 5 digits and are 'in the process' of implementing 'narrative changes' Not holding my breath on that one either
  5. Tanoshi, mine was from my Kcyber statement > print option
  6. theoldgit, I spoke to their FOREX department, obviously via the call centre, as language is a problem (My Thai and their English)
  7. For those of you using Transferwise (TW) to transfer funds I have had two long conversations with Kbank. The transfers will be placed in one of 3 TW Thai bank affilaites namely BBL, TMB or KBANK. If it is received by KBANK then the bank book/statement entry shows as 'INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FACTORING CENTER TFNxxxxx' so that is good. If the transfer is through one of the other two banks then the cash book/statement entry show as 'DUMMY BRANCH MCL07206' and this at first sight is a problem. Kbank told me that the 07206 means that the transfer originated from overseas. Kbank are in the process of informing Immigration of this fact and are also considering itemising the international transfers together with the bank balance into a single letter for you to include with your annual visa extension paperwork. I am not holding my breath on this but I thought that I would let people in a similar situation know my take on things.