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  1. In the news ... another Spitfire, this one in Australia THE UNTOLD TALE OF THE LAST AUSTRALIAN SPITFIRE The local story of a flying legacy. 19 August 2019 With only 60 Spitfires deemed air-worthy in the world and the rest retired to exhibitions, the question of how this particular Spitfire, still in its immaculate factory form and certified for flight, ended up in a quaint Australian hangar in central New South Wales.
  2. RIP Nat, a huge contribution to surf lifesaving in Phuket, and a legacy for the future. One of the genuine good guys. He was there from the start, 2001. Found this article A History of Lifesaving in Phuket Thailand 2001 -2011 an indication of his involvement and dedication for almost 20 years I was a volunteer 2009-10 till we moved from Phuket, sea and pool water safety for kids, they'll be adults now 3 October 2009, 2nd Phuket Surf Lifesaving competition
  3. 1st progress report Silver Spitfire pilot log week one: starry send-off propels record attempt into ice-cold skies 16 August 2019 Last week, the Silver Spitfire project took off from Goodwood with a daring challenge ahead: to complete the wartime aircraft's first ever circumnavigation of the globe. Helming a restored and slightly modified Mark IX, pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks flew north, stopping first in Scotland, then Iceland. Earlier this week, they made it to the Arctic Circle, where the Spitfire's polished silver regalia echoed the pristine white of Greenland's extensive glacier. So far, the duo have racked up approximately 14 hours of flight time, and landed at seven different airfields. In the coming weeks, they will be updating Telegraph readers on their adventure, as they head through North America and into the wilderness of western Russia. The next Silver Spitfire pilot's log will be published at midday on Friday 23 August.
  4. Examples of recent restorations in Chanthaburi These seven buildings inside the army grounds are from the mid 1890s when under French occupation, restored between 2013-17 and now open to the public on holidays/long weekends Built 1896
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