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  1. Watching the VDO and how the chief of Police was unable or unwilling to answer even the most simplest of questions (e.g. what has changed now with regards to enforcing this law?) and his sidekicks in and out of uniform were similarly unable to reasonably address the actual content of questions put to them, but brushed aside serious questions with banal comments and irrelevancies, reminded me very much of scenes from a Dostoyevsky or Kafka novel. Thailand was always a labyrinthine bureaucratic place, filled withe outdated and irrelevant laws that were spottily applied at best, but occasionally the political dinosaurs would emerge from their and insist they were executed to the letter of the law and without consideration of fit for purposeness. But it seems the present regime is taking this old rule of thumb to a whole new level of Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole ridiculousness and will certainly be shooting that poor old Siamese elephant in its foot as a result.
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