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  1. The first number is the magnification power (8x would be 8 times closer then with the naked eye).  The 2nd number is the lens diameter in mm. The larger the 2nd number the more light gathering you will have.  If you can get a zoom binocular for better flexibility.  Also anything over 10X may have problem keeping the image stable, that is it will be more sensitive to hand shake.

    For bird watching a value of 8x42 is about optimum.  It will give you a reasonable field of view and depth of field.

    yes, mind the hands shaking :o

  2. It's the we've never been colonised,,, this is ours and we can treat all you forgiener anyway we want mentality :o

    only cause you let the Japs in, otherwise they would have colonised you completly.

    Have a nice day. :D

    Chuchok, I think that poster is not Thai, if you read carefully, just another angry western man

    but what you say is true, we have always been sensible when it comes to foreign invaders!!

  3. I pay 2500 baht for once a week on Friday.  About 4 hourss work.  2 bedroom condo 120sqm.  She does a great job with no complaints but I do feel I am overpaying her.  But then again I say to myself hey better her than me and I can afford it and as I said the place looks great!  So I guess since I have no complaints then I should be happy.  Oh she does not do laundry or iron even though I have washer in my condo.  What do you think?

    that is overly generous, for about 20 hours a month, you pay 125 Baht per hour, whereas the unskilled rate is about 200 Baht per day

    oh well, she must be happy :o

  4. I agree with the survey about English. My housemate works in a bar in CM and all the girls agree that the English are the rudest, meanest and most likely to be aggressive.

    Sorry for that. My hubbie is English and also could not believe it, at first.

    But a lot of English tourists now are the young, drunk and stupid kind that used to go to Marbella etc, now coming to Thailand

    and anyway, which bar is the best so far? :o

  5. Most Thai people would be too polite to say anything to your face, but if your GF is obviously katoey-looking/sounding they might be "kit nai jai" (thinking inside), or discuss it later when you're not around.

    They might also wonder (but dare not ask) whether you are aware that she is a katoey or not. Some, meaning well, might quietly inform you in private. :D

    Insightful words, siamesekitty.

    My first thought when reading the initial post was as to why the OP would even want to introduce his GF as transgendered.

    I can only conclude that it may be quite obvious that 'she' is, and the OP prefers to clear the air rather than have people talk behind his back? :o

    Yes, I was thinking that too! If just acquaintances, it would not be normal to discuss your partners sexuality.

    If close friends, then maybe you want to tell them

    so OP, is it so obvious?

  6. I agree that racism comes from ignorance.

    In my own small experience, all countries contain a lot of racists. It can be direct, or, more often, indirect. Thailand is no exception, and there is a lot of ignorance also.

    Racism is something that is learnt from childhood, from parents and other family, then from contemporaries. It can be reinforced by later experience or diminished by education. In the worst case, racism can be institutional and approved by the government.

    So, yes, you can say that racism exists in Thailand, but a statement that Thais are racist is meaningless and too broad (even racist itself!).

  7. Since we engulf in peacounting: As we talk Alternating Currents, the voltage is at any given time anywhere between zero and 360, depending on which point of the sinus curve you measure. The integral over a full period, however, is 220 to 240 volts.

    Shouldn't that be between zero and 340? (240 * 1.414)?

    Not sure how serious this discussion is but shouldn't it be 220*1.414? And also what is this integral you are doing all about anyway?

    Was wondering that too when I responded earlier that the integral of a sine is zero whether it is a full period or infinite number of periods and nowhere can come up with 220 to 240. If he is referring to zero to 360 degrees it is still zero over that period and the peak is 311 Volts (+ and -) along that axis.

    1. Integral over one period of sine: The integral over one period of a sine function is zero. The integral of a curve is the area of the curve above the x axis (horizontal axis) - the area of the curve below the x axis (horizontal axis).

    The sine function has the same area above and below the axis so they cancel out.

    Integral (sin(kx) dx) from x = a/k to x = a/k + 2*pi/k

    = 1/k * Integral (sin(kx) dkx) from x = a/k to x = a/k + 2*pi/k

    = 1/k * Integral (sin(u) du) from u = a to u = a + 2*pi (by the change of variables theorem)

    = 1/k * (-cos(u)) from u = a to u = a + 2*pi

    = 1/k * (-cos(a) - (-cos(a + 2*pi))

    = 1/k *( cos(a+2*pi) - cos(a))

    = 1/k * (cos (a) *cos(2*pi) -sin(a)*sin(2*pi)) - cos(a))

    = 1/k * (cos(a) *1 - sin(a)* 0 - cos(a) )

    = 1/k * (cos (a) - cos(a) )

    = 0

    2. Integration over an infinite number of periods:

    The brief answer is that this integral does not converge so it doesn't exist. To see this, you have to go back to the definition of the "improper integral". An improper integral is one whose integration limits go to infinity.


    Integral (f(x) dx) from x = 0 to x = infinity

    is defined as

    limit as u goes to infinity of Integral (f(x)dx) from x = 0 to x = u

    But, now we must define the limit of a function as u goes to infinity.

    Definition: L = Limit (g(u)) as u goes to infinity if and only if for all E, there exist an H, such that if u>H, then the absolute value of (g(u) - L) is less than E.

    Now we can apply these definitions to try to evaluate our integral.

    Integral (sin(x) dx) from x = 0 to x = infinity

    = limit as u goes to infinity (Integral (sin(x) dx) ) from x = 0 to x = u

    = limit as u goes to infinity (-cos(x)) from x = 0 to x = u

    = limit as u goes to infinity (cos(u) - cos(0))

    = limit as u goes to infinity (cos (u) - 1)

    Does such a limit exist? I will assume that such a limit did exist, and the arrive a contradiction. This will show that the original assumption "that the limit does exist" is incorrect.

    Suppose the limit was L. Then, for any E, we could find an H such that if u>H, then -E <(cos(u) - 1) - L<E

    so that (1+ L)-E < cos(u) < (L+1) + E

    This inequality must hold for any value of E, so we can pick an E which is arbitrarily small. Let's pick E = .01, then there exists an H such that u>H implies that

    .99 +L < cos(u) < 1.01 + L

    so the maximum of cos(u) - minimum of cos (u) can only be .02 for values of u greater than H.

    Let us examine some values of u which are greater than H. Let us examine the values of cos(u) for H<u<H + 2*pi. Over this region, cos(u) reaches a maximum of 1, and a minimum of -1. But, we already deduced that the maximum (cos(u)) - minimum (cos(u)) for u>h was .02. This contradiction implies that our original assumption (that the limit exists) is wrong.

    3. How to evaluate power delivered to a resistor from a sinusoidal voltage source.

    Suppose you have a voltage source across a resistor. Let's say the voltage source is described by Vsin(kt). Let's say the resistor has value R.

    From previous messages in this thread, we know that the instaneous power delivered to any device is Power = voltage * current.

    The current through the resistor is current = voltage / resistance.

    So, the instantaneous power (power at any point in time) = voltage * current

    = (voltage * voltage)/resistance

    = (V*V*sin(kt)*sin(kt))?R

    So the power is changing all the time in this resistor. Sometimes it is 0, but sometimes it is (V*V)/R. We might want to know the average power delivered to the resistor. To do this we must find the area under the power curve for one cycle, and then divide by the cycle time.

    The time of one cycle (period) is (2*pi)/k.

    Average power= k/(2*pi) * Integral (V*V*sin(kt)*sin(kt))/R dt) from t=0 to t=2*pi/k

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R Integral (sin(kt)sin(kt)dt) from t=0 to t=2*pi/k

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k) Integral (sin(kt)sin(kt)dkt) from t=0 to t=2*pi/k

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k) Integral (sin(u)sin(u)du) from u=0 to u=2*pi

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k) Integral ( ((1-cos(2*u))/2)du) from u=0 to u=2*pi

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k)(1/2) Integral ( ((1-cos(2*u))/2)d2*u) from u=0 to u=2*pi

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k)(1/2) Integral ( ((1-cos(y))/2)dy) from y=0 to y=pi

    (change of variable y=2*u)

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k)(1/2) ((y + sin(y)/2) from y=0 to y=pi

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k)(1/2) ((y + sin(y)/2) from y=0 to y=pi

    = (k/(2*pi))*V*V/R*(1/k)(1/2) (pi)/2

    = V*V/(2*R)

    4. Line voltage maximum: The line voltage is not specified in terms of the maximum voltage. When they say 220 volts, they are refering to the RMS voltage. This means that they take the square of the voltage, then they take the mean of that over one cycle, and then they take the square root of that.

    So, let's see if we can figure out the peak voltage using this idea.

    Suppose our line voltage is Vsin(kt) (k is going to be 2*pi*60)

    We want to know what V is. But, the power company tells us only the RMS value.

    square root (mean(square(Vsin(kt) = 220.

    We need to solve this equation for V.

    square root (mean (V*V*sin(kt)*sin(kt)dt))) = 220 from t = 0 to t=2*pi/k

    square root (V*V*(k/(2*pi)) Integral (sin(kt)sin(kt)dt))) = 220 from t = 0 to t=2*pi/k

    but from the previous calculation we know that this integral is k/4, so

    square root (V*V*(k/(2*pi)* (4/k)) = 220

    square root V*V/2 = 220

    V/1.4 = 220

    V = 308

    so the voltage swings between -308 volts and +308 volts.

    Thank you, I find it interesting, and do care. :o

    I was looking at the previous post really, about the maths genii (?) who tried to beat the market. Of course, like everybody else, they were successful when the market was bouyant. The admission that their maths was incorrect is no surprise, the market movements are so random as to be incoherent.

    Maybe their incoherency formulae (better) would work. :D

  8. If I were a Thai woman, sbk's comment about a superiority attitude might mean something.  Since I am a farang, I am only writing about what I see every day, and read aboout in the newspapers.

    I disagree, the worst attitudes towards Thai men I have seen have invariably come from farang men who have somehow decided that Thai men are inferior and farang men superior. Often these are the same people who like to post that farang women are inferior and Thai women superior. What most fail to realize is that everyone has a different experience in life and one cannot judge another person or entire group of people by a few people's bad experiences. And, of course, if I based my entire experience on farang men from what I see every day and read in the newspapers I might come to the conclusion that farang men are generally piss-heads and drug dealers.

    Nice one, 100% agree. :o

  9. If you are travelling up as soon as you arrive in Don Muang its not worth pre-booking. Your flight maybee delayed and then you could well miss your connection and would spend half your very long journey worrying about it.

    when I fly back from the UK I go straight to terminal one, go to the nearest Nok Air, One 2 Go and Thai Airways booking offices and see who's got the next flight to CM, normally I can be up in the air and on my way home within one and a half to two hours :o  There is a few hundred baht difference between Nok/1,2,Go and Thai Airways, but after a long haul I just dont care, I juat wanna get home.

    I agree with TP, usually there is a Thai service with seats.

    If you book in advance, especially with AirAsia, you can be screwed two ways. One, as TP says, they are often delayed.

    Two, if your flight is late, then you may miss the AirAsia flight and lose your money

    so not usually worth while to book

  10. !

    Siam One,  I am surprised at you.You said EXACTLY the same thing about "Frequent Rows with his Wife" six months ago. I suppose you have been checking to make sure they are still going on?, no I didn't think so!

    OK I have not been back, but why should I?

    If he has changed, made peace at home and is in a good mood 70% of the time, good for him. But the food is still not much, and the place is nothing special.

    OK maybe I am predujiced, when I went there with my hubby and our housemate, the owner made some remarks to my hubby about being with two women etc, implying we were BGs. So I was annoyed.

    The staff were nice though, no problem there

    oh yes, his peanuts used to be the best, but last time were really nasty. So that's it really! :o

  11. True SiamOne, but look at the standard of English on most of the threads on thaivisa, littered with basic spelling and grammar errors; and these are mostly from educated people who had the intelligence to flee their barren lands for the paradise that is Thailand.....

    I agree with you on that. I notice a lot of very basic spelling and grammar problems here. I think most of them from English speaking people too!!

    Whether they are educated or not is the question.

    I believe that part of the education any child should receive MUST include some sort of "rules for life", not just the basic curriculum. e.g. respect for other people and the environment

    Maybe the complaints about many young people in US and UK are because these rules are missing?

  12. I suppose after I am restored to full activity level, I will consider this again.  But, I do wish my wife had already had 1 or 2 children and that this wouldn't be an issue.  Not that I wouldn't enjoy a child, I think I would.  But, I am reluctant because of concerns that my physical condition would degrade and I couldn't be an "active" parent.

    It is up to you how you think! My father was old when I was born, and died when I was 8. I still venerate him and feel he is guiding me in my life. OK I missed having a father, but also had uncles and others who could help my mother and children.

    As to being an "active" father at your age, many young parents are less than active. If you can take the total life-change, the noise and mess, the demands etc, go for it :o

  13. up the oldies...! by the way im in my twenties... :D

    what gets me is this feeling of pride that oldies seem to have to get a young thai girl under their arms....now that is strange....with all the experience u wud think they know they are only after their money!  :o  and usually taking them for a ride...(or maybe the oldie is taking them for a ride?)

    so oldies why u so proud to play your part in funding the pimps and whoremongers of this world?

    do u take pride in screwing a 16 yrd old thai girl?  wud u do it in your own country?

    just stating the obivious...

    well, you are showing your age! the predujice and intolerance is leaking out.

    When you see an old guy with a young woman you think the woman is a prostitute. It is certainly possible, but not necessarily so.

    When you see an old guy with an older woman, what do you think? Prostitutes can be old too, you know!

    or are you oblivious to that?

  14. :D    hi all my thai wife of 15 years passed her usa citizenship test today (boston) hip-hip horay...

    all she has to do now is attend the oath ceremony on jan 27th 2006 and she will be a naturalized usa citizen..

    so does this mean when we go to thailand she has to get a visa same as me??

    i think so..she still has thai passport will they let her have dual citizenship??

    any how its been a great day for our family as its been a long hard (rad tape) road..

    best regards ..glassdude007


    Congratulations, all that bureaucracy stuff does take it out of you!!

    as to the passport thing, well, it is really up to you. I am not sure if she has to declare that she has the passport and wishes to continue using it in US.

    Make sure of the regulations as you don't want to risk losing anything gained!! :D

  15. Is the wattage in BKK is it 220 or 110?

    don't worry IronWolf, people love to laugh at mistakes!!

    Mind you, the wattage question is interesting as the electric companies let you choose what (?) you want, and charge accordingly

    so if you want to fit a new aircon or waterheater, you may need to uprate your wattage. That probably means new, heavier wires to compensate

    why is the voltage not 240 anyway, anyone?? :o

  16. I have to agree with Jackr.

    Never had a problem with the CM Saloon, very freindly bunch of people, but O'Mallys has to be the WORST place in town to either eat or drink. The staff are very impersonal and very very slow, as well as serving up the WORST food in town.

    The Sallon is paradise by comparison

    I don't like Chiang Mai saloon...the owner is very variable and can be rude. It is usually after one of his frequent rows with his wife! The food is not particularly good either. Service is Ok though

  17. Either I'm missing something here or else most everyone else is.  The original post is about a presentation made about the quality of the SCHOOLS in Thailand, not the quality of the STUDENTS.  My understanding is that they were discussing whether the SCHOOL is up to standards.  This might include things like do they have an indoor play area, do they have enough toilets, are all the teachers fully qualified, how many books are in the library, is there a blackboard in every classroom, is there a fully functioning copy machine, is there an after school sports program, etc.  Until we understand exactly what standards they are using to determine that 55% fail (this means 55% of the schools, not the students) we will not be able to make good sense of this article......or else I'm missing the point entirely which is, of course, very possible.

    no you are right, but the failure is in the grades achieved, never mind the state of the buildings

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