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  1. If you can't be bothered to look around and it looks / drives okay, then buy it but mentally prepare for up to say 25K in expenses in short order. Any car of that age is going to be pot luck. Is it an auto or manual? Auto gearbox more likely to have problems at that age than a manual one. Other age related mechanical issues would be things like shock absorbers and CV joints (turn the front wheels fully to left at rest, move off and listen for a knocking sound; stop, turn fully to right and repeat). Also pumps (fuel / coolant). All can be fixed. When parked, are there oil sp
  2. PM me. There is certainly a 'Wild West' mentality, still, in some elements of Thai (not farang) society. I'm perfectly chilled, thanks. I think everyone should have hobbies that get them out of the house / from behind a keyboard. One of mine is shooting: I enjoyed rough / clay pigeon shooting when I lived in UK, now I enjoy sport shooting in Thailand.
  3. It would. A gun in your car is a bad idea unless you have a ป.12 carry permit. Which you won't get.
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