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  1. I think he is pushing his luck. Of course making the issue public has led to it getting fixed. But he's also damaging the reputation of the Immigration Department. You can laugh if you like, but you've mentioned defamation: defamation in Thailand can be both a civil and criminal matter. More pertinently, a public statement does not have to be untrue to qualify as defamation here. Thailand also recently enacted strict Personal Data Protection legislation. Again, you can laugh, but it's law now and, just like the Computer Crime Act, is lurking there in the background. Richard Barrow
  2. Indeed. Actually the article says that 29,700 was the target for total arrivals in July (which included "2 countries [sic] which are already confirmed namely USA and English sailors"]. So it seems to be more than 50% of 29,700 ... ส่งผลให้นักท่องเที่ยวต่างชาติที่เตรียมเข้ามาในเดือน ก.ค.นี้ ลดลงกว่า 50% จากเป้าหมาย 29,700 คน ซึ่งในจำนวนนี้มี 2 ประเทศที่ยืนยันมาแล้ว คือสหรัฐอเมริกา และทหารเรืออังกฤษ
  3. This is all such tripe. Yet more meaningless statistics. "A study from April - June showed 90% was the more dangerous UK variant". I bet all they did was say we looked at X cases in that period and 90% of the total number were UK variant. But if the UK variant was all found prior to say three weeks ago and the Indian one only in the last three weeks, then the story is completely different. Clearly shows Indian variant dominant. PLUS the Indian one is considered more infectious than the UK one - not the other way around. 40% say PHE. Panic! But no context: if in a group of 1000 peop
  4. A colleague of mine registered successfully an hour or so ago. So I tried it and it worked for me too. Whether that will translate into a vaccination on the date I picked (AstraZeneca in early July at Phayathai 2) who knows. Note - some of the dates that show as available actually don't have any vaccine left (look to see if it says Sinovac 0 AstraZeneca 0) above the calendar. Others show as having available doses but then return a message about all queue slots being taken. If that happens just try another date or another hospital. All in all was pretty quick and painl
  5. Just because it's Chinese owned doesn't mean the quality sucks. Volvo are considered well built cars (ultimately owned by Geely for 10 years now after they bought Volvo from Ford - Geely also jointly own Lotus). Pirelli tyres are considered good (majority owned by ChemChina now). That said, I wouldn't rush to buy an MG pickup unless I didn't really care about depreciation and also lived close to a service centre.
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