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  1. Try a natural latex topper - say 3" thickness. Not expensive, and readily available in Thailand. Can be ordered online. I'd also suggest turning over/flipping & rotating your mattress every month or so.
  2. Thermae was a cracking place to hit around 3-4 am. Fantastic mix of people. On one occasion at the tail end of the 80s the friend I was with pointed out a bloke in a booth with two hotties and said "That's [protect]. He always takes two girls and has them smear him with marmalade and then lick it off". I was in awe, mainly because I earned so little at the time that marmalade would have been a luxury. Best Foods pineapple jam was more the level of it. Another time, an inebriated policeman took a disliking to the friend I was with. With the studious care that only the very drunk can manage, he extracted a bullet from the loops on his gun belt and then proceeded to gently tap my friend on the forehead with it, while telling him "I not like you". We decided to leave. Via the toilets, as one did.
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