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  1. Over hyped. Over priced. Over now. (And yes, I've eaten there.) No problem paying 5-star prices if the whole experience is 5-star. That means quality and presentation of food. Standards and consistency of service. Overall attention to detail.
  2. You could just ignore the ticket. Many people I know do that and never seem to have any come back. Allegedly you have to pay them or you can't renew your road tax but I doubt that's the case. The police and Land Transport computer systems aren't yet linked, although they've been talking about it to bring in a points system. Personally I pay all the tickets I get, most of which are for speeding. I just chalk them up to cost of car ownership. The fines are so low. It's nonsensical that speeding 3 km over the limit on a highway (whatever that's been set at) incurs the same 500 baht fine as 30 km over, but there it is.
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