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  1. There's a good chance, then, that all immigration offices in division 4 are on the same page and if the need should arise an applicant can turn to the commanding officer of division 4: Immigration Division 4 Tel.: 0 4421 2997 - 8 Fax: 0 4421 8333 E-mail: d4@immigration.go.th
  2. Thank you. That clears it up for the – unnamed – immigration office to whose officials you talked. Let's hope that the officials at other immigration offices have an equally good understanding and interpretation of the new procedures.
  3. Immigration does tell us what documents they need: TM.30 Immigration Public Handbook - en TM.30 Immigration Public Handbook - th Based on members' posts, most immigration offices expect to receive also the following documents in addition to the form TM.30: copy of the ID page of the passport copy of the passport pages with the visa, if any, and the arrival stamp copy of the departure portion of the arrival card (TM.6) stamped and addressed envelope for mailing the receipt for the TM.30 Points 3.2 and 3.3 of the Public Handbook specifically allow notification by post and online.
  4. It is a private hospital. They have a dermatologist.
  5. The only way it can reasonably work is to have a passenger in the car do do the reporting on his own phone.
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