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  1. Have you considered mailing the TM.30? The Bangkok immigration office at Chaeng Watthana makes it easy.
  2. As the OP did not mention the type of device, the operating system and the browser he is using, it is futile to post replies in this topic.
  3. 1. It is not clear what you have at the back of your passport and how you got it. 2. In whose name is the lease for the apartment where you and your friend are staying?
  4. Removed a post giving false information and the replies to it.
  5. Removed a troll post (incorrect information and mostly incomprehensible and also in violation of forum rule 1)
  6. When I have a lease on an apartment or other type of residence, it is I who decide whom I invite into this residence.
  7. What makes you believe that the document to which the link you have given leads is a ministerial order?
  8. The fact that I cannot find a ministerial order replacing or modifying an earlier ministerial order does not necessarily mean that such newer ministerial order does not exist.
  9. Payment is due only if the application is approved, ie if the extension of stay is granted.
  10. It may depend on the type of your partnership. Business partner, partner in crime, etc?
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