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  1. My wife and I have been very happily married for 37 years. (I first visited Thailand in 1974 and instantly loved the place, people and food but took a while to find the right person to marry). We are the same age (66), same education standard, same middle-class family backgrounds, same dedicated commitment to both our families, same attitudes to work, money and wealth, and have always (and still do) to just about everything together. Our trust in one another has always been complete. We have two terrific adult sons. We have great families who have always totally accepted us. Her English (written and spoken) is excellent. My Thai is sufficient to get by (and to provide laughs for her family and Thais we meet). We spend most of our time in Australia and make a couple of trips to Thailand each year, staying in our condo there. The early years of marriage required us both to learn from each other in relation to cultural and language differences but it was no doubt harder for my wife. We do have some different interests and hobbies but we support each other with these. We talk all the time, laugh a lot, share good friends, apologise when occasionally needed and enjoy our very fortunate life together. Sometimes good things do happen in life.
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