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  1. You do know what a septic tank is, don't you ? What do they have to do with rainwater runaways ? Septic tanks are connected to a leach field, for the treated overflow, not the village drainage system. Cesspits are just a hole full of you-know-what polluting the groundwater.
  2. No, proper septic tanks are the way to go, not concrete ring cesspits. All your concrete rings do is save you the trouble of digging a hole for "your business".
  3. Transferwise has a sliding scale of fees, so for a large amount it may not be the cheapest. First step is obviously to check how much your bank would charge, they often have a fixed fee. You can work out Transferwise’s costs online, so compare them.
  4. I went into Thai Watsadu in Ubon, had my temperature checked then the girl pointed to the QR code but I wanted to write it down so she points to a table behind me. Instead of a form, with everybody in chronological order, they had credit card sized bits of paper to write your details on, which then went into a cardboard box, just like a lucky draw. If it became necessary to contact anybody, they are going to have to sort out a box full of “tickets” to find anybody who was there at a certain time!! And no checkout either ......
  5. Greece needs the tourist dollar, just like Thailand needs it too. The difference is the Euro countries are going in to their peak season, Thailand is in the low season and can (relatively speaking) afford to wait a bit.
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