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  1. I know it’s supposedly easy, but it keeps telling me that I cannot register, and to go into the bank. Each time I do, they “update” my visa info and say it will be ok in a few days. No, it never is.....try again. Next time I might go over to their head office on Silom, perhaps the staff there are half competent.
  2. Get the facts ? You mean like when I was told foreigners need a work permit to open an account (K-Bank near Nana, and SCB On Nut). Or BKK Bank the other day when the girl could not explain why I couldn’t open another account, just Mai dai, even when according to the bank’s website I could. Get enough opinions here and at least the consensus is probably close to reality. And as for BKK bank’s online banking, 3 times now they have supposedly updated my file and still I cannot get access, no matter what the staff say and promise. So I take whatever the staff member says under caution.
  3. Yes, I was thinking that it would be best to keep the 800k separate and make it easy for Officer Somchai, that’s why I was curious about Bangkok Bank saying you could add funds to a fixed deposit. I am used to getting a new account number for each different fixed deposit back home so I couldn’t understand adding funds, especially by ATM or mobile banking, couldn’t see how that would work.
  4. I have been thinking about putting my 800,000 visa money into a fixed deposit account, and while researching that on a couple of bank websites they mention extra deposits. Back home, a fixed deposit account is just that ....a fixed amount for a fixed time, although you can usually get your money out early if you don’t mind losing the interest accrued. So how does it work here, if I put the 800k into a 12 month fixed deposit and then find myself some spare cash 3 months later and put that in as well, does that new money become another separate deposit for 12 months but with the same account number and passbook ? Or is it added into the original 800k and all rolled over together when the 12 month term is up ? Or what ?
  5. yes, of course you would have access to all their accounts and services, why would n't you? your only problem would be actually opening the account, especially if you are going to be their first and only foreign customer.
  6. If you are just using an Bangkok Bank ordinary savings account with an attached debit card for your “everyday banking” you should not be paying those sort of annual fees. From memory I pay 200 baht a year for the card fee, plus a small fee of 35 baht for some ATM transactions, such as paying my rent into my landlords account at a different bank. But they are charged at the time, not annually. So what sort of account do you have, as it does not sound like an ordinary “everyday” account.
  7. no, it was just another savings account that I wanted. And I've been googling every combination of "Bank of Thailand/ATM cards/foreign customers/aliens/etc" that I can think of, and nothing comes up about this supposed new rule.
  8. Is this an extra savings account with another ATM card by any chance ? At the BKK Bank ? Curious as I was refused another ATM card/account by the Bangkok Bank on lower Sukhumwit today, where I have also had an account for years, one reason being that the supervisor claims there is a new Bank of Thailand rule about one ATM card per foreign customer. Something about preventing money laundering ? First I had ever heard of this "rule" ! But as usual....different bank, different branch, different rules .....you could well be on another planet in Phuket !
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