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  1. IWhen is the cut off day to have the 800,000 baht in a Thai Bank? ---Visa Expires on August 8th, 2019-- 90 days prior to my visa expiration date?? And do we know exactly what the 800K requirements are in terms of how long they can't be touched? Under the old rules it was 90 days before the actual renewal date, not the expiration date. That’s how Chang Wattana worked at least... So under the new rules I would assume it is counted back from the renewal date too ? Which brings up the matter of the post renewal period .... do you have to keep the 800k in the bank for 3 months from the renewal date or the day the new extension starts ? If you renew early there can be nearly a month difference in the date.
  2. There are laws against the burning, but in typical Thai scofflaw fashion they are not obeyed or enforced because the citizenry by and large don’t care. Mai pen rai, buy another mask and carry on. What do you want the govt to do ? Send in helicopter gunships and shoot any farmer seen burning his field ? Until the Thai populace start demanding effective action the laws will not be enforced. That will require quite an attitude change ! And even if the farmers stopped burning tomorrow you would still have the same problem blowing in over the borders. How are you going to stop the people of Laos and Myanmar from burning their forests and fields ?
  3. Maybe, but he did specifically say it was his first extension.
  4. I have never had to show a lease or any other proof of address at CW, but last week I was talking to a guy living in my condo block who not only had to show his lease agreement for his retirement extension ( his first) but two officers came to see him at home !
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