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  1. Something like this : https://store.scg.com/products/P1999132/สมาร์ทบอร์ด-แคปซูลระบายอากาศ-ขนาด-60x120x0-4-ซม
  2. Bangkok only want 2 months so you dont have a problem. Ok, you replied as I was typing, you may be cutting it fine with the bank account.....
  3. Don’t give them pep talks, give them public ultimatums. Tell them “Do your job, enforce the laws and make sure your underlings do too. If not you are out of a job.”
  4. Natural, dense rainforest is cleared to plant a few palm trees in nice straight rows, all equally spaced the same distance apart. So it is certainly not misleading. Palm oil is not a healthy product to use anyway, but it’s cheap, that’s why the manufacturers use it......and why there is row after row of the stuff on Tesco shelves and only a few bottles of other vegetable oils. It’s taken a while but I have finally got the missus not to buy palm oil.
  5. One of the qualifying requirements for a retirement extension is an income of 65000 baht, so I have often wondered why don’t they just charge us the same as somebody actually working here on that salary and contributing to the Social Security fund, which I believe comes to 1500 baht/month. For that we would just get medical treatment in a govt hospital. Pay it every year or no extension, simple option ! All the money would go into the hospital system, not get siphoned off in profits to an insurance company. Surely medical treatment for us oldies cannot be that much more expensive than the brain injuries and general road accident trauma caused by younger people riding motorcycles drunk, at high speed, and without a helmet, whether they be tourists or Thais.
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