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  1. Just pour water into them, Also if you want to kill the larvae stage....buy something called Temephos..can get it on Lazada. I use it in outside drains in the driveway.
  2. Every vendor has their own service outlets...unless for some reason you don't want to go to phone manufacturer for service
  3. If you have to ask these questions now...you're with the wrong girl
  4. Air Asia still owes me from canceled flights 1 year ago.....they are all going down that route. I will never fly them again....crooks
  5. ..."further analysis determined they had recently traveled from Pattaya and were known as a regular fixture along Walking Street bars"
  6. Seeing some of the bar girls they walk around with, the eye checks should be emphasized
  7. I would let the Thai family handle it...after all why should this involve you as I assume you are not the homeowner ? And BTW...if this was a drug related offense...I would advise against it...the rate of recidivism is very high so expect a recurrence
  8. You're right...I don't know the numbers...but vaccinating even more than a few thousand would be a huge task...forget it....what's the big deal anyway...Thailand will provide opportunity for vaccine soon enough. Relax...stop stressing out like an American in America....Sabai Sabai...isn;t that why you came to Thailand ? According to WIKI there are about 40,000 Americans in Thailand
  9. If you are filing jointly she will need a TIN. If you are claiming her as a dependent, she will need a TIN. Same for Americans in Thailand...if I want to do anything with a tax return here...I need an ID #.
  10. One thing we can deduce from the photo with 100% certainty: He is not going to the gym to his left
  11. I would suppose that American embassy staff would be vaccinated, but the majority of support staff are Thai and would likely have to wait for their own Thai vaccinations. The numbers would be staggering for expat vaccinations Where an existing doctor and nurse staff could handle American staff...you would need an entire team and approrpiate emergency protocols for allergies, etc to handle several humndred thousand expats.
  12. The US Embassy couldn't care less about expat vaccinations. We are not at risk of infecting the population whilst we stay overseas. The logistics of getting vaccines to expats overseas would be daunting. Take respsonsibility for one's self and be thankful you are in a country where infection is a very low probability.
  13. He would have provided proof to the Embassy / Consulate already or they would not have issued the visa.
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