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  1. If indeed things are open without COE/Insurances/Quarantine...I will fly out in October and back 1 month later to shed my OA albatross visa and enter as Visa exempt. Happy days here again...
  2. Yeah...I just normally use whatever soap I have on hand. I buy really good natural soaps from the local night market...coconut/mango/etc and they work up a great lather.
  3. Yeah...I love Barbasol...except that in the USA it's .99 cents (31 baht)....cry
  4. I alternate between Gillette Fusion and TOPS SMartR brand 5 bladers. The Fusion are a bit better and sharper but price is outrageous unless you can get a discount with TOPS promos. I definitely do not shave every day...if I'm staying at home (and that usually means never going outside the garden gate) I'm going au natural...at least where beard growth is concerned.
  5. Yes...if you buy the plan. I think I pay $60 per year for #1) my own USA number and 2) unlimited calling to USA and Canada and of course just like LINE you can always do Skype to Skype calls free..
  6. Yes..I also use Skype. They have plans to get a number where anyone can reach you via a normal US number...you select the area code region. Also gives you unlimited calling when dealing with banks, activiating new credit cards, etc etc. Works a charm...been using it for 6 years now without a hitch. https://www.skype.com/en/skype-number/
  7. No. Can be for purposes of retirement, marriage or family. If marriage or family the amounts are 400k vs 800k
  8. A truly uninformed comment considering closed borders for more than a year but thanks for your input
  9. Unless of course they require insurance for the duration of an OA permission to stay which is 1 year, which would increase the cost dramatically.
  10. The only point was that many of us got trapped by Covid with OAs and cannot change until things open up. But if there is a 3rd insurance policy mandated by the time I go for my October extension...back to USA for a bit and then re-enter on Visa exempt and then convert that to O locally. Sucks but that's reality...can only be a sucker for so long.
  11. Having an OA retirement extension these days is like being kicked while you're down on the ground by a cadre of Moto Taxi guys at 3 AM in Pattaya
  12. And therein lies the issue...same thing with the 40/400 insurance we are saddled with now....it is so ambiguous that many offices will jump right on it.
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