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  1. Every office may have differing requirements and within each office...depending on what desk you get assigned to...you guessed it...different stuff....very frustrating
  2. Immigration doesn't care about making your life easier. They are in the office 9-5 whether it's easy for you or not. Sending you away for a bank statement is less effort than dealing with the banks...that's on us.
  3. Clone existing drive to SSD. I used Macrium Reflect free version..worked like a champ
  4. tonray


    Corruption in government is a major source of dissastisfaction with the current regime. Certaiin practices of agents (such as circumventing the laws and offering under the table compensation to Immigration Officers) certainly fall into that category. Corruption keeps the power in the hands of those with in power and lessens opportunity for the rest of the population. Perhaps you should look further than your own view of the personal utility of the agents
  5. When you get accepted they will send you a form on which you can specify Visa or MasterCard number to debit for payment
  6. excepy for people who need to show insurance...your policy needs to start (in many IOs) the day you apply...leaving you with little leeway as the extension only goes to last effective day of the policy.
  7. In addition some will take your passbook to an ATM to update the balance just to check if you are not a master countefeiter....even after providing bank letter and statements !
  8. I got a six month statement at my local Bang Yai, Nonthaburi branch in about 10 minutes. Next year however, I will go to Silom a week early to get my twelve month. Too many variables. You almost really need a 12 month + to include both last year's application month and this year's latest. I'm guessing you can ask for 13 months ?
  9. My IO guy actually left the room and came back with a printout from the database as verification...and they took my bank book down to the ATM to update the balance to make sure It wasn't counterfeit I guess...ha ha ha
  10. The lady at the front desk requested a 3 months statement...although the IO did in fact mention the proper 2 month seasoning in reading the money rules to me. Had to go to the bank anyway....so might as well...I got a 6 month statement whilst there....never know what they ask for next. I think she saw that I had transferred the money in July (3 months ago) and used that as her reflex reaction guide...no sense in arguing...need a statment anyway.
  11. I'm 62. Chose the option of 200K deductible. 7700 baht per year https://www.lmginsurance.co.th/en/Products/Pages/Universal-Longstayvisa.aspx
  12. They only came because of the promise of all you can eat shrimp in quarantine
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