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  1. 1) Eliminate triggers: Caffeine etc 2) Beta Blockers to slow heart rate (also lowers BP) 3) If #1 and #2 not effective....candidate for catheter ablation where a catheter is insterted and a small portion of the heart muscle or nerve fibers are destroyed to stop the tachycardia.
  2. He claims he supports freedom of speech but then threatens the New York Times and other media outlets almost daily for reporting his lies.....what a phony
  3. What happens if you suffer a debilitating illness and cannot travel to India ? Stroke, MI, head injury, vehicular accident ?
  4. Many companies cover you until 99 IF you first buy insurance before a certain age....maybe 62 or 65 I think
  5. Maybe avoiding alcohol would be a good first step
  6. It's a signal: Right side out: Husband is away....safe to come to house. Inside out: Hubby is home....wait ...not safe I make my GF switch anytime we go out...but the darndest thing....we always seem to run into a delivery guy on the way out of the Soi.
  7. Here in Bang Yai, Nonthaburi....we have several of these 'pay' fishing places. Just basically a small manmade lake or pond with structures set up for shade...I think it's like 100 baht for the day or something like that. Very popular in Sundays ...many family outings there. In addition the fetid, nasty canals always have a few locals angling for dinner.....I am keen to notice their faces and if I see them selling at the night market...stay away (saw guys netting small fish in the canal bordering the center of Korat...later that evening...same guys selling fried fish.......be warned)
  8. The surname and location strongly suggest not Buddhist
  9. His eyes are saying "when he goes to sleep...I'm gonna rip his heart out"
  10. They took away their herbal inhalers otherwise they would be messing with them all the time...ha ha ha
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