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  1. perhaps it works for you but why make your wife (did you just call her your pet ?) do all that when it really is your responsibility ? Some kind of power trip ?
  2. A friend went down that road a few years back...there are some benefits and pitfalls to ponder. You should read a bit here: https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/bc1054#:~:text=These drugs stop the body,the body from making testosterone.
  3. It may help but only a little. In the high schools here...the gang kids keep a certain large keychain outside their belt in full view and that is the symbol that everyone knows...but little is done about it.
  4. last 3 years of 90 day reports online wearing my skivvies and having my morning tea , long queues...one day per year...acceptable
  5. The rules are usually put in place by national governments and not the airlines...specifically so people like terrorists cannot exploit the system and board planes using false identities. I once made the mistake (and this was way before 9-11) of subbing for a colleague who could not make a work trip...I simply boarded the plane with his ticket..back them nobody really checked IDs...during the flight they questioned me as to my name...and detained me upon arrival pending further questioning before letting me off.....
  6. While it's true this happens...it's not because they are Thai...it's because they are too timid to say anything to a customer as they are raised to be subservient when working. If you jumped the queue they would also serve you but the Thai moto driver behind you might pull out a machete.
  7. Lift bans just when the Covid-19 virus is gaining steam and ravaging the health care systems of both continents...what could possibly go wrong ?
  8. let me correct that for you: "a handsum 80 year old British(capitalize !) straight up old fool told me, "
  9. I'm not finding it difficult...one day per year at Immigration....364 days of non interference...no home visits, no police checks...no interference in my life whatsoever.
  10. Trump is simply extending this as long as he can...just as he did with his business bankruptcies...so he can bilk more people out of money. By stopping payments on his casino debts, he forced the banks to either lose everything (the casinos were worthless basically) or settle for far less than owed. By extending the election drama..he continues to milk people for contributions which will go mainly to pay his personal and campaign debts or be used for a 2024 run. Suckers....let them get bilked...eventually some of them will figure it out.
  11. Same...my GF couldn't be any less interested...it's on my phone...I just said..I need your ID card and housebook...after handing them over she went back to watching The Voice Thailand....ha ha ha
  12. publicity stunt for an upcoming movie. Report it as a 'discovery'...everybody gets curious and bammm ! time to announce movie in about 2 weeks
  13. If you are applying for an OA Visa in the US you DO NOT NEED a Thai bank account.
  14. Do they ave any issues with getting Grab Food to deliver to stone age cave dwellings?
  15. Any public park. Take the BTS to Mochit or MRT to Chatuchak and take the exit for Chatuchak park...lay down a blanket or rent one from the mat vendors and sunbathe to your heart's content
  16. Nothing happens in Android either...likely system down
  17. Why not install the app. I installed on my phone, used my GF's ID and Housebook and whenever I need to file any TM 30 it's a 5 minute procedure. I also live in Nonthaburi and I advise the less in person visits there the less trouble you'll have. They are difficult and sem to make requirements up on the spur of the moment. Do your best to avoid going into the office.
  18. Where are the jacuzzi rooms ? Isn't this what they call "the fishbowl" ?
  19. Now it's called Covid Kill Lane....be thankful you're in Thailand for Christmas
  20. ha ha ha ha ha.....I was just down there lsat week...ha haha h a.....plenty of smoking and binge drinking going on along with obnooxious music being blared from loudspeakers on poles every 100 meters....naked little kids running around...and mat renters so thick you almost had to step over them.
  21. Don't skimp on the King Power all you can eat Shrimp and Thailand will be flush with big spenders
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