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  1. I have US insurance here ,and use it here .Are you required to have thai insurance?
  2. I have insurance for life from Anthem Blue cross(78) , it is not a Thai company Is it time to get out?
  3. Actually I waited to change until after 3 months from my last visa .I WENT FROM krung thai within 10 minutes to Kasikorn.My wife follows me on the visa .I only do internet banking and go to the bank when I have to, couldn't do internet with a joint account with Krung Thai.After signing 30/40 times finally finished.,Krung Thai wanted me to take a check so I depositd it .
  4. I was at Bangkok Imm. 9 months ago I changed banks they told me when I changed banks my retirement visa was canceled and they wanted 40000 baht for overstay . We talked a lot and I left with my visa and didn't pay .Has anyone ever been told if you change banks visa is canceled.
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