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  1. So Thailand Elite officially can affix their visa labels at embassies now? Would be interesting to see an official - reliable -communication in that regard.
  2. I'd say that's impossible because the requirement is to arrive on chartered flights (operated by TG?) so that would make it impossible for anyone originating from the U.S. to fly to Thailand. TG doesn't fly to LAX anymore for several years now and has lost their certificate for that route. Thailand has also lost the FAA Cat 1 Safety rating impacting the filing for new routes.
  3. I don't know anyone who did the volunteer visa via agent and actually had to show up at an immigration office. You hand in your passport photos and that's it. These visas aren't processed at your doorstep but at some random immigration office (often upcountry) where the agent has a contact.
  4. Definitely not the norm. I've seen several new labels that don't have this addendum.
  5. They are idiots. The company is staffed with some HiSo Thais who are in way over their head. Arrogant to the max while simply filling some clerk and sales jobs, complaints are never answered. The lifetime 1 Mio option was definitely one of the best deals around. Does your membership have the annual maintenance fee?
  6. Cancer isn't cancer. Pancreatic cancer is extremely aggressive and in it's final stage associated with a lot of pain. It's inconceivable someone was not drugged up to the max especially at 87 years of age. You don't have to be "mentally impaired" to not be able to function. Practicing law is demanding enough as it is, absolutely impossible to do so while in the last stretch of life, suffering from pc.
  7. You must be dreaming. What is Pattaya famous for? Definitely not for it's pristine beaches and luxurious resorts. It's famous for it's red light district (whole city practically) and associated whoring activities. Cheap sex and booze will ALWAYS pull people back. As if a few punters care about what the local officials, government and bar owners or even the girls think about them. They're there to stick a few away and then it's back home after a week.
  8. They have developed into a bunch of useless jerks and this overstay line is nonsense. It's well documented that TE holders regularly stretch their stay to six years and often times even obtain a re-entry permit for the sixth year stamp. Under the current circumstances there's no way I'd ever pay them again.
  9. The embassies can do whatever they want. They follow the rules of their of Foreign Affairs Ministry back home. Citizens are in no way entitled to demand the issuance of documents from their embassy that go beyond what is normally available (passports, notarizations etc). It sucks but it is how it is. The U.S. Embassies worldwide have always been known for providing better citizen services than others, especially of European countries. In the U.S. there is somewhat of a semi-accountability of the government and citizens can write/call their Senator and Congressperson to make a stink. University friend of mine had some trouble getting assistance at the embassy in Seoul and then his parents contacted their Senator for that state. Two weeks later he got what needed. Good luck with that happening at the German embassy.
  10. It's one thing to make baseless accusations like the guy you met in this instance, another to tell someone who is planning to wait until NEXT WEEK (I presume past Tuesdays cabinet meeting) 2 days before the amnesty ends to approach an agent that he's out of his mind. Set aside the gambling mentality here but he doesn't seem to understand how agents work which is why he's of the opinion that "all they want is money without doing any work". The day you meet the agent nothing happens to your passport, the next day earliest it's going on the way somewhere to an immigration office where this particular agent has a contact, from there it has to change hands several times. Often times there is additional paperwork involved from an organization/clinic/school to front for the type of the respective visa. Let's keep in mind that getting these agent visas and paying 50k for them means you're getting them through a payoff (fraud, bribes) and the whole process takes several weeks.
  11. You misunderstood. That's basically the office delivery version of the fruit cart on the street.
  12. Is your permission of stay (entry stamp) still valid? in that case you will not have any problem affixing a new visa from TE. Not sure what suddenly got into them but in the past few months Thailand Elite transformed into a bunch of rude, arrogant Mofos who don't reply to emails and are extremely cocky on the phone. In the end I went to their office and ripped them a new one. Must be all the new free money, hope many of the poor sods haven't paid yet.
  13. The most positive effect of the China Virus: No more Chinese in Thailand.
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