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  1. I can not tell from the photo, Angela must have had very female traits before walking into the Doctors office, and maybe I need to go to the optometrist.
  2. He had previously worked in Thailand and China so one would think, he being an educator would fully know the risks, it won't happen to me mentality the information is out there , you just got to listen!
  3. Maybe Mr Jira's sense of it not belonging to me could become a snow ball that others follow suit, like the Roman Catholic Church, French and British museums are but a few, return all their ill-gotten gains to country of origin.
  4. All I have spoken to and ones I have asked around the mid twenties and down in age have indicated they will vote for the FFP, who would have thought that the twitter and facebook would undermine such a fantastic ruling party, if not this election , then the next, a big change is gathering momentum.
  5. Where is the threat? or perceived future threat coming from? In bed with the Chinese , Cambodians, Americans, Only threat I see, is in the south where the fundamentalists are trying to get established you sure don't need a submarine to combat those extremists,
  6. Old mate in the purple shirt has the same look as he will in the future when his heart gives out, give up!
  7. Are the Chinese a part of this future collaboration?, other wise all the good works can be washed away.
  8. Expressing ones opinion on spending of government monies is a right, letting constituents and free voters make up their own minds about policies presented, right of reply is also a free right, democracy is not perfect.
  9. Linzi has all the lumps and bumps in the right place that I do know.
  10. Another way is to register for a breath check at the start of your journey have a breath test, get to your destination have another breath test , pick up your free alcohol go home and enjoy the holiday , then on return journey do the same have a breath test and same at arrival point receive a fuel voucher for x amount, This has to cost the county less , in all facets
  11. This trait has been going on since recorded time, what comes next is their biggest fear undoing what they perceive as the good they have done, this cycle has a few more little twists to yet be played out. Removal of the person maybe a little easier than the removal of article 44, common sense never wins the first day but prevails over time.
  12. Doing yoga or acrobatics ( if she fell ) if the cctv footage does not show what happened then it is speculation that she committed suicide, R.I.P. young lady
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