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  1. EVIDENCE lacking! or now admitting a shoddy investigation in the first instance,
  2. Reporting the truth is obviously not in this reporters repertoire.
  3. A money fine will be inconsequential, we all hope the case has highlighted and educated the need to protect endangered species, the court should have khun Premchai give back to the community by traveling the countries parks and learning what is unique about each particular one, being part of the ranger information crew, that then can be passed on, to Joe public, the education to all just might sink in a little further, all costs associated to be born by the convicted, there are somewhere around 120+ national parks for him to learn about.
  4. The money to buy votes is already flowing, 500 baht to attend this rally speech, 200 baht to attend another parties speech, collecting names in the soi as to who is going to vote for who this week it will be even more intense, corruption is offered, expected ! and eagerly taken. That is reality.
  5. How do you stop the Chinese from damming this river on their own land, selling the power to Thailand who should have in place a boycott of buying any future power from a Chinese built hydro supplier on this river, tell them so prior to any build, Thailand must invest in renewable energy, Solar being one such way, there are so many ways to implement solar , solar film on windows, etc ,as an example I have two small solar panels the size of my 13inch laptop screen that power outside lights in front of my house, initial cost of 2k, every day the lights are on as dusk arrives and they turn off as the light from the emerging energy source gains its height in the horizon, these lights save so much and will repay the purchase price many times over, and I just forget about turning off or on lights as we go out, or visitors arrive at night, the porch stair and front gate area are illuminated.
  6. After my friend Peter died just recently in early March, I was helping his wife - widow, with her English paper works , regarding Peters pension, I have found after phone conversation with the relevant authorities in the UK that as of April 2017 there is no widows pension for Peters spouse paid by the state, and no forth coming help with funeral expenses , luckily Peter worked at Merseyside for many years and has a pension with is entity so they will pay a widows pension, I also have a Thai lady friend who's husband died in Pattaya a couple of years ago who does get a monthly state widows pension, she was offered 3 million as a lump sum, or to take the widows pension up until her death, she took the monthly pension, she was also lucky to get 200,00o baht towards funeral expenses, I just wanted to know from members, 1, if they have experienced this and 2, are they aware of rule changes from the UK
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