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  1. So slowing down and burnt out joints, knees worn out and enthusiastically looking for the stop date, getting ever so nearer, physically your body tells you time to change work habits,
  2. Thai roads just like the dodgem car ride, being good at avoiding other users is a full time role while driving in Thailand switch on and live.
  3. Slowly the message is getting through, ditch the plastic bags,
  4. They need all the help they can get, as they sure won't be around next election.
  5. Public is aware, only when you hit them over the head with a monetary fine, or a reward for collection,
  6. Hard to produce when red tape exists to open up new potential areas,, and unnecessary closure of a working profitable gold mine.
  7. "Beam me up Scotty", to much name calling down hear and it has offended me greatly.
  8. Communication a two way street being able to listen to others view of situations, having dialogue is and will always be a way forward, to a mutual understanding, prior to a falling out, then having a attitude adjustment rammed down your throat, if your view is not recognised, or accepted, The protesters in HK, are against any such article associated in its format of you will do what we tell you, where and when we tell you, for so many to disagree with their rules, not so hard to work out that something is missing in interpretation of communication, or lack of will to understand, and bring in the heavy hand.
  9. Going the same way as America the land of the head job, not considered sex, by most. Lucky to be blown on first date.
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