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    smutcakes post # 3


    I dont really know anything about these projects, but the pertinent point she makes is, who the hell is overseeing the budgets/procurement/expenditure of the NCPO? There is zero transparency, and i guess its probably illegal to even ask for information.



    I don't really know anything about these projects, but the pertinent point she makes is, who the hell was overseeing the budgets/procurement/expenditure under the old P.T.P. government?


    There was zero transparency, and no doubt it was probably illegal and even life threatening to even ask for information.




    PTP have gone, its over, finished. The Coup was to reform Thailand, should they not be leading by example in transparency, no croynism (lol of course),  etc?



    You clearly don't know anything about politics and the current situation.


    The Junta are merely re-shuffling and handing out orders, as well as administering the country and keeping the peace.


    They are weeding out all the people we ALL have long suspected as being up to no good.


    Everything is still being physically administered by ministries, provincial authorities, civil servants, etc etc etc.... The cheque books are not in the hands of the Junta. The cheques are still being signed by the rank and file that have always held those responsibilities.


    The Junta is overseeing everything, and not handling a single baht personally....


    Every order has been made as public and open as you can get, on live TV in fact, how much more transparent do you want it. Those charged with handling these orders are still under total scrutiny of the NACC and relevant anti corruption bodies.


    If anything, since the coup, everything has been 100% transparent.


    Just because some dopey PTP slapper stood up and criticised the Junta and pointed to weapons buying with the money drawn from these now held populist policies, then fails to back it up with facts just means one thing.... She is stupid and just trying to whip up BS distrust of the Junta, which will probably be her undoing.


    Personally I hope they lock her up fr a month to reflect.


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  2. <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

    <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

    I do love the way you post without thinking, you need to remove the "mango" part of your name and just stick with the latter part, much more accurate for your posting history . . . "bob".

    What good will impeachment do? Simple . . . it lets people know that crime and corruption is not acceptable in Thai society and it forces her to accept the responsibility (and hopefully consequences) for the mess this rice scam, amnesty bill, etc etc created.

    I know, I know, it's all biased and politically motivated (in your eyes) . . . but to everyone else, it was blatant, arrogant, way over the top, "<deleted> you" thievery and corruption on all counts hidden under the guise of "democracy" (a word which needs to be explained in great depth to those that attempt to use it to excuse their misdeeds).

    Only people with no brains would waste time and money to impeach someone who is already out of office. Who will impeach her? Her friends from Thaivisa like you, or the democratic? There is no doubt about it, it is politically motivated and biased no only to my eyes to but the eyes of the rest of the world.

    OK, let me try to explain it to you in words of less than one syllable . . .

    "Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment."

    Regardless of the fact that she is in or out of office at the moment, if Yingluck has done something unlawful, illegal, corrupt, she should still be liable for criminal or civil punishment.

    By your reasoning, what you are saying is that if I am a PM and I do something illegal or "wrong", if I then resign I shouldn't be prosecuted because I'm no longer in power? I can do whatever I want, resign, get forced out or whatever, then I'm good to go and shouldn't be charged or held accountable for any of my actions? Really? Are you sure you want to go back down that road Mango Bob? Sounds just like something Thaksin would expect . . .

    And it's the Senate that would impeach her by the way. They are the ones empowered to impeach Members of Parliament.

    Let me put this in simple words. There is no Senate. So what excuse are you going to use now. Or do we just have the junta impeach her in a way that it does not look politically motivated and biased to the rest of the world. Simple put you have a Yellow Skirt mentality.

    And you have a red shirt mentality, so I shouldn't point fingers too much.

    But the best thing is.... These charges can wait till there IS a senate.

    The world will see their crimes for what they are... no need for political motivation... you know that already, take your blindfold off now.

  3. In his capacity as the chairman of the rice inspection subcommittee, ML Panadda stated that the random checks on the quantity and quality of rice stored at government-owned warehouses across the country have been steadily conducted.

    Hang on.

    I thought this was a comprehensive investigation covering all 1800 warehouses.

    Now it appears to be just 'random'.

    How the hell is that going to catch all the corruption?

    The major buyers and exporters are keeping a close eye on these inspections, and there are many reports of falsely labelled sacks and mixed qualities. When this 'random' inspection concludes, the confidence in having ANY dealings in these rice stocks is going to fall through the floor.

    I certainly wouldn't touch it as a professional. Too risky.

    You buy 100,000 tonnes to do a deal with an African country only to find you have been stitched up, and end up getting loads of complaints from those whom you supply to.

    Could wreck your credibility.

    Far safer to deal with India or Vietnam.

    Also isn't it far better to check ALL warehouses to make sure they know EXACTLY the amount they have in stock?..... if only to make sure all justice is served and the maximum clawback via asset and wealth seizures from those running the warehouses that show unaccounted for losses.

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  4. I sort of agree with the old geezer.

    Prior to 2004 the whores had more resemblance of courtesans dating a different breed of man.

    This all changed when the Benidorm crowd started to arrive en masse looking for a cheap wife.

    The resultant lower standards were quickly filled by your average Isaan slapper which most of us end up marrying.

    Speak for yourself, and this guy probably is talking about you and your kind.

    Whereas I didn't marry a whore, but I have to suffer this crap because of people like you.

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  5. Yeah I've met a couple of tools like that but they've usually been younger - in their 50s. They're "retired" on "decent pensions" but, if life is so sweet here, why are they so angry?

    I'll tell you why - because the locals aren't lining up to wipe their <deleted> wherever they go and the modest income that seemed so generous a few years ago isn't enough to make them feel part of the elite any more.

    They deserve your pity, not a slap.

    Best to just let 'em rattle on and walk away as hard as that may be to do sometimes


    You are dead right.

    The next time he comes near me, I am just going to get up and move away from him....

    If he follows me, and tries to push the envelope, then I am just going to knock him out.,

    End of story.

  6. If this had happened in a bar in the UK... this idiot would have been put down in seconds.

    If this had happened in a bar in the UK, you would have probably been arrested for inciting racial hatred.

    Calling people by skin color is just not acceptable in civilized society.

    He was a white guy...... where did the colour crap come into this?????

    And if you heard what this guy was saying about Americans, and I was sticking up for you lot while telling them I hated the US administration, as do many American people.

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  7. you could of just said,

    listen mate im not interested in your bulls££t and asked him to leave you alone,,

    Man....... I said that so many times to him and he wasn't having it.

    This guy was looking for a fight, and I didn't accommodate him.

    I am now back home and wondering why I just didn't smack him down to the floor.

    But I am normally a non violent type.

    I left all that behind in the UK 10 years ago.

    I used to do all that shit many years ago nd I am trying to keep it in my past.

  8. Instead of being tempted to beat up poor old 70 year olds,why not just ignore him.and drink up your beer,call him a choice name and go?

    And how old are you? probably too young to beat up Old Age Pensioners!

    I am 50

    and this guy seems full of life covered in tattoos.

    Like that scares me...... not

  9. All jokes aside, I would have just walked off and left him to it

    I would have loved to do that, but it meant a 6 KM walk home.

    No way was I doing that just for this prick.

    He has probably changed my view of all long termers in Thailand, and I really don't like that.

    But now I am suspicious.

    I think next time I will just flatten the idiot.

  10. Did the bar have no doors that you could have walked out of? Is there only one bar in Korat?

    Why should I leave?

    I was in waiting for my wife to pick me up.

    When my wife turned up, he turned all coy.

    He had been insulting her beforehand.

    For those thinking I am just as much to blame as this guy.... I have been in that bar and talked to many farang, and we are all good mates.

    I have nothing bad to say about anyone.

    If you sat and had a beer with me, there would be nothing negative between us.... But this guy just wanted trouble from the word go.

    If this had happened in a bar in the UK... this idiot would have been put down in seconds.

    His entire motivation was that anyone who has not lived in Thailand as long as him is a &lt;deleted&gt; and everyone in their home country are no better..

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  11. I just come home from having a couple of post dinner beers in a popular farang bar in Korat city

    Man I got lumbered with this guy from London who has been here 30 years, and views everyone who has entered Thailand in the last 10 years as being married to whores and they should not be here.

    I worked him into the ground.... This guy was probably the worst farang I have ever met in all my 5 years in Thailand.

    Not only did he hit on farang that were 10 years or less, but he hates all Americans here, and also hates all UK people whether thay are expat or living in their homeland.

    He made no secret of it, and it took the owner of the bar to hold me back several times from flattening this idiot,

    It wasn't easy for me... this guy is about 70 yeas old, but I was so fired up by this idiot, I couldn't give a shit.

    The only reason I didn't smack this prick up and down the road was the owner of the bar doesn't need the bad publicity.

    Man...... it was so hard.

    If I see him again, I am not going to be so accommodating.

    Have any of you met idiots like this.??????

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  12. The real effects will come when reforms kick in.


    Corruption has abated slightly, but the big changes are yet to come and they will likely come via the judiciary and how they punish it to make it a good deterrent.


    I think it is far too simple to be cynical and hold onto the 'it is accepted and won't go away' attitude.


    If the powers that be want it gone, then it can at least be eradicated to a degree.


    Corruption is present in every country in the world, but exists at differing levels. Thailand just needs to get into the lower levels for it to be uncommon rather than an everyday mechanism.


    On a slightly separate note.


    Japan invested $290 Bn ???


    That will be around the same amount as what has walked out of Thailand through massive corruption from just s few schemes that I won't name.

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