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  1. the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZP2GsY5FpU clearly shows the bouncer being pulled off by another bouncer and a couple of bar girls. at the 5-6 second mark as the bouncer is being dragged away. the stomp took about 1 second, the bouncer was being led away and the argumentative expat was sitting upright within seconds and standing, then continues to argue with the bar service girls as they attempt to get him on his way and away from the bar. he continues to argue for the rest of the video while he is told by a girl to *screw* off and leave. i think the bar CCTV will show he is just another entitled, drunk farang. is it any wonder the bouncers lose their patience dealing these foreign flakes, in my humble opinion. flame away snowflakes :)
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