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  1. Thanks first to various people for posts that led me to buying one of these and putting some filtrete over my a/c's coarse filters. The Hatari was bought at HomePro for ฿4,880 and came with an extra HEPA filter (I noted that all the others for >= 30sqm were over ฿10,000 and I assume imports and came with no extra filter). This unit is recommended for 32sqm and that's roughly what I'm running it in with the bathroom door vents sealed up and closed. Has anyone worked out if the low setting (1) is sufficient for running all the time around that recommended size of 32sqm? The Hatari instructions are in Thai and brief so I assume even if my Thai was fabulous the answer is not there. I have contacted Hatari for English instructions and will post them if I happen to get them. Cheers
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