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  1. Come on... are you for real. Forums are great for talking about ideas. Take reddit for example. Many people chat on that website asking about crypto. Dont be so limited in your old school thinking
  2. I have become angrier and less patient. I think it comes down to 2 things: 1. I started having a kid too late in life 2. I cant speak thai
  3. but clearly you do care and are worried about your reputation as you live in the nanny state. I pity you
  4. I hear so many bad stories about coinbase. I dont know why anyone would use them. Avoid coinbase at ALL costs. Use a real exchange like Kraken
  5. Daft to be buying <deleted> coins. Stick with bitcoin and ethereum....
  6. I did look into this myself actually. I researched it and listened to a few podcasts with the CEOs plugging their ROI from staking the crypto. I had a look at the website and checked out the 'contact us' page. Oh they have offices in London, New york, hong kong. But no addresses. If you need to get in contact you can email them. So what happens if they go bust or the company does a runner. You lose your crypto. Too risky for me.... Better off to buy and hold bitcoin and ethereum and hold on a trezor harware wallet long term. Sell slowly via your thai exchange and fund to your thai
  7. Years ago I was a teacher and one day I fed a dog outside my office door. From that moment onwards the dog waited outside the same area for me. I would go home on my motorbike and he would run after me. After a while, my wife agreed to have him at our home. For many years I've been taking him for run/ fast walk morning and night. He's a funny dog with a great temperament. If he see's a pack of dogs he runs right in there to take them all on. I had him sterilized and he calmed down a lot but still more or less the same mut. He is great with my daughter and part of our family.
  8. Thanks for giving me my first laugh for the day. You evidently don't sound very experienced when it comes to dealing with Thai builders. ha ha
  9. I think you are misinformed. Anyone who bought in 2014 is sitting on a fortune. Its easy to fund back to fiat
  10. Many people do it all the time in thailand. Bitkub exchange funds directing to a thai bank account. Easy...
  11. Sorry, my comment above is not well written. I was actually in Thailand sitting at my desk here when I registered with itbit and gave my id and address. They did KYC when I was here as well. Thus, it is possible to open a crypto account whilst being based in Thailand at a US exchange.
  12. I have been living in Thailand for ages and used to be a teacher. Have paid tax here before but not in the last couple of yrs because I have not be working. Years ago I sent money from my bank back in the mother country to an exchange in the States and purchased bitcoin. Actually I purchased it from a few exchanges and just held onto it. I passed KYC at a major exchange in the States years ago. Im an non resident of my mother country for tax purposes so I know I dont have to pay any tax there. But I assume I will have to pay it here? Otherwise if my bank sta
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