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  1. Dont buy it off the street. Fake pills are dangerous
  2. I just took 1/2 a capsule of moringa this morning. its the first time Im taking it. I found out I was suffering from anemia last week. I cant tolerate vitamins and thus moringa was recommended to me. This afternoon I felt horny. It has to be that 1/2 a capsule....
  3. Go and check your blood platelets next time you're at the hospital. If they are in normal range then the risk is presumably much lower
  4. AND abnormal ones (phuket thais) are poison of the earth
  5. what were the causes of death for your friends in thailand.? anything suspicious?
  6. Ha ha. you believe everything a bar girl says hansum man. Please post your photo- close up selfie and let us be the judge. I recently went to a 20 yr renunion. Everyone in my class looked so old. I obviously thought I was the youngest looking guy there...
  7. my wife is a key worker and has already had the 2 sinovacs within the 4 week period. Where I live there was a particular hospital where all key workers visited to get it. But to get the AZ on mass vaccination as part of the govt program its at a different location.
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