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  1. When I visit the wifes home town I opt to stay in a hotel whilst the wife and child stay at the family home. Its been like this since we were married. At the time of first meeting years ago, I have never felt accepted by them. Possibly my fault from the start as I stated that I didnt believe in the sinsot system and asked for the money to be given back to be spent on our child. One brother was particularly angry and hostile from the start and we cant be in each others presence now. When I met the other one unpacking the car this week he was giving me all sorts of look
  2. We have an important hospital appointment in Bangas. If we are driving from Rayong to Bkk and return will there be any quarantine / lockdown measures in place? Usually there are thousands of cars a day doing this journey. Surely they cannot prevent this? Anyone doing the journey today, tomorrow or Monday please report back thanks
  3. You should move it out of ANY crypto exchange for safety reasons. If you buy bitcoin on any exchange and leave it on there the 2 risks are: 1. If the exchange goes broke you lose your bitcoin. 2. If your bitcoin gets hacked or your account gets hacked.... you lose it. Basically many people will tell you that if you leave it on an exchange you effectively dont own the rights to it. Conversely, if you move it to a Trezor T model hardware wallet what happens is that your bitcoin essentially stay on the actual blockchain but when you set up the wallet, after opening the box, you go t
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