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  1. Sure sign the 400 is not far off, bad luck with the nice 300 selling. Not surprised it went quickly.
  2. <Great choice, do not see many of them second hand. If the rego, insurance and servicings have been every year, I would jump at the chance.
  3. Province: Ubon Ratchathani Date: 16 June Location (name of hospital or other) (Ban Lao Suea Kok ) Are you over 60/chronically ill? (Yes/No) 60+ How did you register? Mor Phrom + pink ID Vaccination received (yes/no) No If yes, Type of vaccine : If no, Reason not vaccinated: No vaccine Was not really expecting any jabs, thanks A nut in. None for the locals as well. Staff were full of apologies at not contacting me on Mor Phrom to advise not to come, I did receive a lot of generic covid health messages though. They registered me manually at the in
  4. Keep them trimmed and they will just keep shooting new growth to any shape you desire.
  5. Alamanda lilly, grows really well along a fence if you train it
  6. Turn everything off, remove the pressure switch (3 screws). Lift up the spring and grommet, there is a rubber diaphragm which is probably perforated.
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