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  1. Mister T

    Ubon MFA

    Anything that affects a Thai family in Thailand, births deaths marriages, <deleted> needs to be translated and legalised. You were lucky that they did not insist on it for your yellow book.
  2. Mister T

    Ubon MFA

    Certified is maybe not the right word, legalised is the term the gov office used.
  3. If it is any sort of decent EP, they will do maths and science in English as well. If wife is so intent on the maths side, hire a maths tutor in 2 or 3 years time. He will be cruising in the EP by that time.
  4. Mister T

    Ubon MFA

    Little update, Knight Visa were amazing, so helpful and professional. They gave me a quote to do the passport translation, send it to consular mfa, certify and return to me. Of course they got stuffed around just as much as we do. MFA insisted that the passport could be a copy so it had to go to the Aus embassy to be verified. They charged me 3600 baht for a stamp for a passport that was issued by that embassy. I should also point out that Knight visa staff did all this dicking around for me at no extra charge. 2530Ubon, thay have nothing to do with the one near Tesco, but I do owe y
  5. Thought you deserved an update. Called her this morning to find out what was happening, she said she called the Viet embassy the day I asked her about it. They told her to send an email outlining her request, up to today they have not replied, She will call them again today, hopefully they won't be at lunch or siesta time.
  6. Don't know for sure if they do what you need but they do seem to have a high tech surgery. I have used them for crown repairs and very happy with them. S-smile Dental Clinic by Dr.Sirinate (Hua Hin) Tel: +6632-530-542 Mobile: +6680-993-0055 Website: www.ssmiledentalclinic.com
  7. Not likely mate, only the restaurant in PKK. We moved back to Isaan to the quiet farm life.
  8. Mister T

    Ubon MFA

    Need to have front page of passport translated and certified. Read in the past that there is a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ubon. I found some archived threads about translating and certifying in Ubon with limited info. Sent pm to 2 members who had commented on those threads but neither have replied in the last month. Anybody point me in the right direction please, I do not want to risk going to BKK to get it done.
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