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  1. With regards to these measures commencing at00:01 on Sunday 18th April and concluding on 30th April. The Governor of Prachuapkhirikhan brought in pretty much identical measures on 13th April, with an indefinite time limit, so those of us residing there are already under these measures, with no end date yet.
  2. Read carefully before commenting..... All other restrictions will largely be the same in either zone, such as schools closed and no alcohol in restaurants, while pubs, bars, karaoke and massage parlours will be closed.
  3. In bars and restaurants people don't wear masks. I don't know where you go shopping, but in every market, shop, shopping centre etc. that I go to, EVERYONE is wearing a mask. And as for the dangers of crossing the road we all know about that and also the lunacy of riding a motorcycle whilst wearing a mask but no helmet. But actually, the real point I was trying to make, is why do bars have to shut when restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol as if they were bars? Fine to sit and have a beer or a glass of wine with a meal, but that is not what was happening, as you would know if you
  4. I know of at least one that did that as well and is again doing so today. Must be paying the MiB handsomely.
  5. Yes, but I'm not telling you and in any case they are shut at the moment. 555
  6. That's fine, but that didn't happen did it. The restaurants became surrogate pubs and bars.
  7. No, the lunacy is that they are allowed to stay open at all, COVID doesn't care if you are having a meal or not. The fact of the matter is that when they shut the pubs and bars the 'restaurants' took over their trade and continued serving alcohol, without serving food. They took the p*ss and now they are being stopped from doing so and about time too.
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