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  1. I can't say I am a snake lover, but I have a certain morbid fascination with them and generally they don't scare me. However, if that had happened to me, I am quite sure I would have shat myself. Good on this lady for remaining reasonably controlled and not causing an accident.
  2. My heart goes out to this lady and all those other Thais struggling through these stressful times. Yes, Prayut and his monkeys seem to have controlled the spread of the virus, more by luck than judgement, I suspect, at the cost of 58 dead? Even if there was the possibility that this figure was multiplied 10 fold, 100-fold, maybe even 1000-fold, it would be hard to justify the draconian measures, which have resulted in the current dire unemployment situation and the likelihood of many, many more suicides, or related deaths. The truth is that this corrupt government has gleefully used the situation to further oppress the poor and the weak, in the hope that they can maintain complete and unaccountable control over them and the rest of the country, whilst they and the HiSo's live the life of Riley.
  3. What's the relevance of that we're talking about Thailand? Unnecessary Brit bashing. You're living up to your name and causing it.
  4. They'll be guessing then and my guess is not before 1st July.
  5. I saw no information regarding the service of alcohol in restaurants, so can only assume the situation remains the same and that is a no.
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