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  1. Absolutely correct, it should be based on age and medical condition regardless of race. There is no differentiation between races in the two countries I am connected with, the UK and Australia. But with regards to that being a racist decision, yes I guess it is, but racism is something farangs encounter every day of the week in Thailand, so it becomes normal and we either have to get on with it or get out. There will be no changing the Thais.
  2. That's absolutely the point being made, there are no people here, because everything is closed. And everything is closed because of COVID and because of this governments inept and laissez faire attitude to dealing with the crisis i.e. not thinking ahead and planning a vaccination scheme, because they thought they had it licked.
  3. A video posted by a friend a week or so ago. It was filmed in the late afternoon on a Saturday, I believe. If anything it's got worse.
  4. Precisely. So what have these people done wrong? They're not even in a dark red zone. There has to be more than this than meets the eye. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/phuket-red-zone-list-adds-krabi-trang-ranong-phatthalung
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