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  1. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone in Thailand using PayPal to receive regular payments. Payment will be coming from the US and the option has been given of being paid via PayPal or an international wire transfer with a $20 fee. From what I've seen on the PayPal website, they're going to take 4.4% of the transfer plus a fixed fee. To those with experience, how much is this fixed fee? I can't seem to find it on their website. Also, how difficult and costly is it to transfer funds from a PayPal account to a linked Thai bank account? If the international wire transfer option is chosen, Krung Thai is going to take .25% of the transfer, capped at 500 baht. As far as FOREX rates are concerned, I've dealt with PayPal in the past making online purchases, and their rate is always worse than what's listed online. And in my experience, banks are much closer to online rates. Considering the the above, which do you think would be the best option? Any advice and suggestions from those with experience would be greatly appreciated. If anything above isn't clear or more info is needed, let me know.
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