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  1. madness the world has been made to <deleted> itself, but the people who produced this has no idea how to stop it, and now the money making has changed the rich are saying hang on and the world waits for what? brain washed getting close to the horror movies just need to get the guns out and start shooting and we will have made it
  2. yes it is the mind set it needs the police to do what they are paid for, not counting the tea money
  3. well there are plenty of people under sixty more than vaccines so the general can still order people to take them all even if he is told not to the old saying an eye for an eye comes to mind
  4. that is okay now he will be able to get the Sinovac vaccine as first planed, I can not wait to see the faces
  5. if you seen the two videos from China just days after the virus was spread at the fish market 100 k from Wuhan, the story of the batwoman and her lab, the video showing the very first covid virus separated from a bat, then the lab after a raid on it by police and a report that 10 people associated with the lab all missing, China really needs bloody huge brown envelopes, trouble is millions of people in Thailand not just the government seen these videos
  6. more stupidly to protect the rich, but it is a down hill slide this time
  7. funny how the new supposed general is out of sight, is he still in Thailand? I would love to hear his views on this just so I would know
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