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  1. agreeing to do something and being forced to do something are two totally different things, that is what makes the world go round, not to mention the money that can be made here by corrupt people is enormous no holes to poke in this story
  2. truly a misunderstanding he probably asked to have his bed moved into his wife room where is the problem with that,? is everyone thinking dirty sex yes what else
  3. this shows how stupid the hole thing has become, how many people are sitting around in the one stop shops that will have to stop yep all reporting to be done by mobile if dont have mobile just move on, will they bring out the white star soon?
  4. the problem is Thais havent had fridges or freezers for long and they including the power leader do not know how to use them my wife and daughter used to sit in front of the fridge with door wide open staring in trying to work out what they needed i used to tell them think what you want first then go get it
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