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  1. According to my daughter Australia is back to normal, no problems but not raving about it, a nice way of saying stay away
  2. this is like last year death rate of the flue so what is the big deal? who is making the big money out of this besides the news mughals??? a bit of adding on here a bit of taking away there, going to be real interesting to see what happens next year are we all going to save our masks because it will be law to wear them, when you think about it without news in your ear it is not making sense
  3. yep Australia is almost free of virus but they still keeping the boarders closed, the cops are having a field day catching wanted crims
  4. God help the world if something or some bad virus comes along, lets face it what is going on is bullhit what we have has been blown out of proportion by the news bosses, and as usual carried on by stupid politicians, the big problem now is they have trapped themselves and do not know how to get out of it
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