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  1. well the general has been given a dead line, the world of tourists are waiting
  2. can not wait for the truth, could they be Thai actors, they are not Chinese, where did the plane come from? that could answer a lot of questions
  3. the general has not realized yet that China mill arty is dead against treason, so if they take over Thailand he and his men will be in deep water
  4. glad he did not own the Toyota on the news this morning, crashed doing 218 ks an hour in built up area
  5. what is the big deal if planes are arriving every day? are all these people just coming and going or are they getting locked up? or are they phantoms?
  6. and what happens if these rich people let some Thai ladies board their ship, yacht while docked
  7. No,NO, China is paying for this, now they can prove they not have any new cases, for a while
  8. the Thai (China) baht wont drop unless China has another wave of Chinese flue, although if the protesters get their way and get the general out things might change, what does the so-called new general think of all this?
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