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  1. Been everywhere in Thailand for 5 years, never reported. Last year, however, I visited the country as a tourist, with a six-month visa that cost me 500$ Canadian. BUT. After 60 days, I had to leave the country, enter another country - Myanmar in this case - and re-enter Thailand. I felt so ridiculously stupid. In Katchilek, I did the entry papers in Myanmar, walked across the street, picked up my passport with an exit visa, and re-entered Thailand. All countries have some sort of warped immigration rule of some kind but Thailand is the King of Kings in terms of bureaucratic stupidity, inefficiency, corruption, greed, xenophobia, and inability to learn. What's wrong with this bureaucracy? My wife is Thai, and she's normal. My Thai family and friends are also quite normal. But the Thai governement, and its bureaucrats are true imbeciles.
  2. Impossible to justify TM30 and 90-day reporting. Has nothing, nothing at all to do with national security. It`s been put in place by some senior officer, and kept in place due to the loss-face thing. One guy there at the top thinks this shit is rational, so all his croonies agree. That's why Thailand will not evolve. They don't take criticism in any form whatsoever.
  3. Agreed. I pushed a bit. And yes, I am an editor, I could teach English. But. I have visited and/or lived in over 90 countries. Thailand is the only country I have been to, and lived in for five years, where you have to report or have your travels reported to authorities, and where you have to report every 90 days, even if you have a one-year visa. I am a citizen of both Canada and France. I have lived and worked in the US, in the Bahamas, in the Caribbean, in several countries of Europe. I have visited Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and in general, I have sailed around the world. I believe Thailand, along with North Korea (possibly), maybe China, is the only country in the world with such a paranoid attitude with respect to long-term visitors. Even communist Cuba doesn't care where you are as you travel through the country. Yes, "hyperbole" possibly as I tend to caricaturate to make my point. And yes, it is possible to live in Thailand and not bother with any of this bureaucratic nonsense. But as a matter of principle, as one poster wrote, our contribution to Thai economy and culture is not only ignored, but squarely disrespected through this Big Brother approach, under the fantasy of disguise of "national security". Yes, "hyperbole". But how long will it take for reality to reach hyperbole? I hope it never does. But as I see it at the present, rather than adapting to modern times, Thailand strains to remain 50 years backwards.
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