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  1. Any "up to date" times for bus to Bangkok. Tried google ++ all old news. Thankyou
  2. Got the lot done, filters, oil, bulb replacement, cam belt and all 4,700 bht, from a service garage on Siam C C rd near the overhead structure close to rail track rd. Lesson learnt, forget the dealerships.
  3. SO...the story so far. .. I Rang Ford, on the Suk op macro, to book a service for my Fiesta. Passed to 3 thai speaking staff, then left with music for 5 min. I hung up and asked the mrs to book the service. Booked in 8.30 today. Went back latter to check them, and was told it would cost 25,000 + !! Nobody spoke English so called the mrs to come down. They wanted 11,000 to change the window rubbers, 2,400 for new window wipers, 2,800 for oil change +++ I cancelled it all and am now waiting for them to put back all the interior door panels, they took off for some reason. When I as
  4. Hi all, Ive just bought a ford fiesta 2012, 87k on the clock. I want to get it serviced and fit a new cam belt. Should I deal with a ford service garage ? Or is there a good Thai alternative ? Many thanks for all the help guys.
  5. Thinking of buying a compact car here, like a ford Escort or Mazda 3. Can you please give me any advise ? ie cars to stay clear of. Looking on "marketplace" some have milage of 150,000 plus, is this a "Keep Clear" ? Its been 20 years since I owned a car, so a bit out of touch. Should I buy "New" ? Many used cars I see have still, future payments, not sure how that works. Is there a good used car sales depot in Pattaya ? Many thanks for your help people.
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