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  1. This is a smear campaign to discredit Corbyn who has spent his whole life fighting racism. It only started because be has a chance of becoming PM and would be the first to be honest about Israel's brutal and unjust treatment of Palestinians. The Zionists method is falsely to conflate justifiable criticism of Israel with anti Semitism. Throw enough mud and hope some of it sticks, and yet no-one has so far stated a single word or act by Corbyn that is anti Semitic (that is hatred of Jews simply because someone is Jewish.)
  2. So how can the global community stop these pesky Iranians from starting a nuclear war or a nuclear arms race? How about a treaty to ban nuclear enrichment for 15 years...let's give it a catchy name ..say JCPOA? Then towards the end of its life, negotiate an extension, and then another extension or even a new deal? But if you really want to start a war, do what Trump did.... renege on that deal and bully others into doing likewise. Trump has painted Iran into a corner piling on so many extra demands unrelated to nuclear enrichment that it amounts not to negotiations but total capitulation. But he has also painted himself into a corner. He may actually get the war he yearns for to prove himself the tough guy after his bone spurs failure, but when the body bags start coming home, the voters will know who to blame for yet another foreign war and he will lose his re-election bid. The Art of the Deal??
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