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  1. We're not really in a small village but close to Lamphun town in Lamphun Province, which is only about 30 Km from Chiang Mai. The Kuang river flows past less than a kilometre away and that flows into the Ping River in the town. I have been to Isaan and seen their ponds but that doesn't seem to be how it works around here in Lanna. Quite where the water comes from, I just don't know but will keep on asking. I've met the local water diviner already and he makes a good living finding water for local farms despite my scepticism of the practice. I feel that if something like that works, you can't really knock it. I've seen a few houses with water tanks and gizmos but how those are set up and what kind of filtration is used is what I would like to know. I had hoped that someone on here would have perfected that knowledge already having gone through the experience of installing different systems until one was found to work. I also agree with posters that the problem must be due to sediment but I'm stuck for a nudge in the right direction. I'm disappointed that there seems to be no obvious "Buy an automatic Acme Ltd filtration system" answer yet.
  2. The piped water supply to where I live and the surrounding houses up here in Lamphun is on odd occasions really filthy and disgusting looking as can be seen in the photographs. Eventually, it runs clear again but that may take a day or two. As far as I can tell, the locals seem to just put up with it. While you can shower after a fashion with bottled water, I think that some kind of long term resolution is needed. I can see that if I install a water pump and a tank, I could simply end up unintentionally with a huge quantity of dirty water in the tank and that could be an expensive mistake. I do wonder whether any kind of a filter would soon be rendered inoperative, and that what is needed is something that cuts the supply when the water is not clear. Possibly surprisingly, the water has never made me sick when it is clear and I just don't go near it when it looks like it does in the photos. I don't think that the colour is caused by sewage pollution as there isn't that awful smell. The water company hasn't been at all helpful and doesn't seem at all surprised by the photos. They just seem pleased to hear that the water pressure is very good. What I am asking is whether anyone has any suggestions for resolving a problem like this or how they managed to resolve this kind of a situation?
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