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  1. If they made the requirement retroactive there is the issue of collateral damage. There are certainly people who are supporting a Thai wife and children who would not be able to get insurance due to age, pre-existing conditions and/or cost. These people would be forced out of Thailand, abandoning their families. Humanitarian crisis?
  2. The problem with this is; 1) it is a new requirement, 2) we are reading an English translation, and, most importantly, 3) the enforcement of this regulation is up to the individual Immigration Office. We really will not know just what this means, how it will be enforced and just who it will impact until the reports start coming in. Hopefully the impact on existing Visa holders and their extensions will be minimal.
  3. sanengd, don't apply logic to this issue, just accept it for what it is, just picking up "the low hanging fruit".
  4. Regardless of the reasoning behind these recent changes - one thing is certain, fewer foreigners will be choose Thailand as a place to live.
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