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  1. Because Islam. The end. Give us a scenario where killing someone is justified. Any scenario!
  2. Ban the cows forced to give milk in concentration camps while you're at it. Also, the chickens locked in close confinement forced to produce eggs.. Disgusting..
  3. Another great and fun movie with an all female lead cast without Hollywood being in your face about woman power BS.
  4. Why would you quit based upon the actions of another person? Grow a pair.
  5. Hello, after asking for information about going to Canada we kind of put it on hiatus. We are still wanting to go to Canada. We have a 2nd child now and I think it’s best if we go there. However, covid quarantine has thrown a monkey wrench into things. Can we apply in Thailand for a Canadian Spousal visa, or must we go to Singapore?
  6. Did you buy it new? The oil channels are prone to getting blocked leading the premature failure. I’ve personally seen it 4 times. I’m not sure if it’s a specific year made or not. Both are good bikes imo. I prefer the Pcx, but for me the nmax would be a better fit seeing how it has ABS brakes and I ride with my family.
  7. Pcx is better quality. Hold their value. No ABS brakes available. Some 2018 + models have issues with the stators. Nmax quality is cheaper. Engines have oil passage issues. May require a new piston at 10,xxxkm... Has ABS brakes. Don’t hold their value compared to Pcx. Both deliver similar power. Looks are subjective. Fuel consumption doesn’t matter on any 150cc bike. My personal opinion from selling bikes.
  8. There’s no such thing as herd immunity with covid 19 according to western doctors.
  9. Many people that are surviving are reporting that months after recovery they’re still experiencing many health problems. Respiratory and brain problems mostly.
  10. I’ve been searching for a couple weeks about the process is for bringing my Thai wife and son back to Canada but I keep finding conflicting answers. Our marriage was registered in 2016 in Thailand. My son already has Thai/Canadian citizenship. My wife is 42. She was married before to a wealthy Thai guy but the marriage ended due to abuse/cheating. She doesn’t really have any money saved. Around 300,000baht. But she doesn’t really have any work experience due to her ex being quite wealthy. Does anyone have any current information on which steps to allow us
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