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  1. The link to your blog is visible in your profile. Nice work on the blog, it lays out the situation quite clearly.
  2. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/5g-cellular-test-birds/
  3. The key is to track your net worth in Bitcoin. Then you can say that Bitcoin didn’t go down, the dollar went up.
  4. Which ISP in the States is it? And if doesn’t happen on an Android tablet but only with your PC, is there their conclusive evidence that the problem is throttling by your ISP rather than something that’s going on with your PC?
  5. If you're worried about it use a VPN and test it to make sure that it doesn't leak. I don't worry about it through, I sometimes use a VPN for other reasons but not to conceal piracy.
  6. As with gold, I have never heard anyone say that they lost money on Bitcoin.
  7. That's a year old article that says: " today (Jan 2nd) the value dropped back at 13,000USD, so an extremely sharp loss. It is impossible today to predict which way the Bitcoin will go, however there are many signs that indicate that it will climb back to 20,000USD and continue to climb."
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