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  1. This as usual is total B/S the traffic help stop near me did absolutely nothing, most of the time people sat their looking at their phones. At no time did I see any Officer do anything pro-active . Those stops I did see operating was more like a Fred Carnos Army exercise , than REAL police Officers doing their duty, saw one stop a car but a motorcycle with THREE people ( non wearing helmets ) sailed past. Go figure and how many of those with NO Licences were allowed to carry on driving , probably the vast majority, so that the Police are guilty of allowing UN-Licenced people to drive . W
  2. Only two sayings will highlight this scenario 1 Stupid is as stupid does ( referring to the Politicians ) 2 You pay peanuts you get monkeys ( referring to useless road checks )
  3. Once over 70 , they do not even look at you , even if you have O Negative..Amazing shortsighted Thailand AGAIN
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