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  1. Comments by so called ADULTS remind me of Kindergarten where children if not getting their own way resort to name calling and throwing tantrums . he should be immediately and officially warned any more outbursts, he will be replaced, warning should be by HM.
  2. The sad reality is that Thailand gets governed by people whose only claim is that they control thousands of people who will do what they are told when they are told. Forgetting that is these very people plus the rest of the population that provide the means for them to strut about . If the army IS reduced my any amount , the Chief will not suffer a salary loss ( he is not paid per capita ) just that the expensive and in my view completely unnecessary toys may not be brought , they have enough wasteful enterprises and if they enter politics the Army personnel should lose their Military salaries . A man or woman cannot have TWO bosses and WORK efficiently. But as this is Thailand WORK is an oxymoron
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