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  1. A 5% false positive rate may not sound excessive but it depends how the test is being used. If it is used for testing on an apparently high risk individual where any positive result will mean further tests are done thereby reducing the margin of error that's ok. But when used for population wide testing (such as the UK is doing with PCR) and the expected rate of real positives may be as low as 1%, then a false positive rate of 5% means that of all positive results from that testing, 20% will be real and 80% will be false. That renders the resulting data worthless.
  2. Having flown domestic several times over the past few months, I would say the whole process is faster than it was pre-covid mainly because there are less passengers. 1 hour is enough. The last time I departed via Don Meung there was only 1 temperature check which was at the main doors to the terminal. It was a thermal scanner and no one was there manning it. Perhaps they had gone to the toilet.
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