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  1. Yes it can be done. I have transferred land from my company to a Thai citizen that was overseas and there were no hiccups. The Land Dept. has a specific form (Tor. Dor. 21) for that purpose which requires original signatures plus signed copies of ID card and Tabien Baan. So you will need to at least courier the signed documents from the US to Thailand. It's not going to work just with a phone call. Some info here: https://www.samuiforsale.com/other-miscellaneous/thai-english-land-office-power-of-attorney.html I notice that on that web page it says the following: 7) A power of attorney done outside Thailand must be certified by an embassy or a consulate or a notary public. We didn't have any consular certification done and I am not sure how the land dept. would verify whether the person giving power of attorney was in Thailand or not. Often times a small gratuity can make those problems go away. Some kind of connection to someone at that particular land office would help.
  2. I can only comment on THAI Airways flights where repatriation flight crew are tested regularly and they are scheduled for 14 days at home self isolation. I suspect that if required to do 14 days enforced state quarantine the Airlines might struggle to find crew willing to fly. Therefore it's considered an acceptable risk.
  3. I would have to agree with you. Also I noticed that according to the published list of repatriation flights today, 50 pax are arriving on Korean Air flight KE651 from Seoul. But there are also 212 pax arriving from the USA, also on KE651. So you have 50 people coming from relatively low risk South Korea mixing with 212 people from relatively high risk USA on an almost full aircraft.
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