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  1. Thanks for that. I'll try them both just mixed with water and see if that is tolerable.
  2. My brief experience would say that you are right. For the past week or so I have been trying out one of the Xiaomi Smart Air Quality Monitors in my bedroom. If I put the unit outside on the window ledge, mostly it records approx 35 PM2.5. Inside the bedroom with the AC running it is stable at 8-12 PM2.5. There are no other filters or air purifiers operating. I have no prior experience with these devices but am surprised that only an AC could reduce the PM2.5 by that much.
  3. I recently decided to start taking berberine ( for the insulin resistance/hypertension benefits + weight loss) at least partly influenced by some of your previous posts where you have mentioned it. I ordered capsules online. Do you mind telling how you are taking inulin and psyllium husk? I presume both of them are in powder form? Cheers
  4. "the prestigious Krirk University of the Kingdom of Thailand" Never heard of it.
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