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  1. Yes google has all the answers when it come to Thai customs issues lol.
  2. Use Citibank, HSBC or ANZ ATM machines. The per-withdrawal limits are much higher (8-10M) than local banks. There are 2 Citibank ATM's right after customs at Saigon airport.
  3. Do the backlights on the keyboard light up? If they do there is a good chance that it is the LCD panel that has gone bad rather than the mainboard. You can test that by connecting an external monitor to the displayport. You have probably already tried the SP reset procedure but if not give the following a go. 1 - Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds. Release 2 - Wait for 20 seconds 3 - Press and hold the power and volume-up buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds (look for flickering on the screen) 4 - Wait for 20 seconds 5 - See if you can now power on normally If that doesn't work I am afraid there is no fixing it without removing the screen assembly which is no mean feat without cracking the digitizer.
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