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  1. Also provides glimpse into Asian-Tigers Pacific Rim operations.
  2. @Yinn I am a little bit scared to ask you, but do you agree with my interpretation of the song posted by Alex2554 ผู้บ่าวเฒ่ากับสาววัยทีน? It is hard for me to tell if this song is making social commentary or just a light-hearted male fantasy song about having a much younger lover. My thinking was that it is making social commentary, but in the end the young girl sticks with the older guy. I think the "feel good" ending of the video was done just to give the video a wider appeal to both men and women, but I can't tell for sure. Do you have any thoughts about this?
  3. Thank you Yinn. I can't really make out what the first song is about. I'm guessing that it's badmouthing an older guy for being unfaithful and constantly cheating? The second song has subtitles which helps a bit. Is this song a younger woman badmouthing the wife of an older lover? I was going to ask you if you knew of any other songs just about love affairs/romantic relationships between older men and younger women?
  4. Thank you for sharing this video. I really enjoyed the song and the singer's voice. I was also intrigued by what the song might reveal about Thai attitudes about older man younger woman relationships. After watching the video a bunch of times and trying to decipher the Isaan lyrics, the conclusion I came to is that the song is not the celebration of older guy/younger women relationships that I initially thought it was. What the song turns out to be is a light-hearted but nonetheless pointed caution to younger women about being seduced by money and wealth into a relationship with an older guy. The older guy's age is mocked throughout the song. The man is described as "being the same age as the mother" and the girl is described as a "teenager." Her love for him is described as "loving a wrinkled heart." The older guy has heart palpitations and a fainting spell when he gets a close look at her boobs. When he meets the mother for the first time he's wearing old fashioned clothes and geeky glasses, but when he shows up for his first date with the young girl he has a new wardrobe and sun glasses, and tries to appear young and cool by making hip hand gestures in response to the girl's hand gestures. The guy is again mocked by showing him plucking out his gray hairs every night in order to stay attractive and having to drink aphrodisiacs to make sure he can sexually perform. There are also lines in the song about her being lonely, and about him sometimes being cheap despite having money. His appeal to her is depicted as based entirely on money. He woos the girl by taking her on a clothes shopping trip and wins further gifts for her at a county fair. His appeal is his new pickup truck and 700,000 baht bank account. Their relationship is not actually that of husband and wife. The young girl is depicted as joining the guy's household as a minor wife or mistress (gik). Note that there are other women around after she moves into his household who appear to be older wives. EDIT: for some reason I missed the final sequence of the video where she is lured away by a guy her age at a concert, and then is torn between going off with the young motorcyclist or staying with the older guy and ultimately chooses to stay with the older guy. Despite the 'happily ever after' ending of the video, I'd still say the song's message is largely cautionary. Anybody has a different take on this, would love to hear what they have to say.
  5. You got the joke, right? I'm a green gecko so when I'm envious, I don't just turn green with envy, I turn dark green.
  6. He's talking to a younger, more nomadic audience that either is still earning money or has the financial resources to move anywhere they choose. I think he would readily acknowledge that people on retirement visas with family and property here and living on fixed incomes aren't really in the same boat. I doubt he would describe retirees who have begun to feel unwelcome in Thailand but are trying to hang on hoping that things will improve in the future as "clingy." I am currently mulling over the idea of taking a more nomadic approach to my remaining years, traveling lighter, living in a new area or two for stretches, before maybe settling down for good. I found his "free bird" philosophy refreshing. Thanks.
  7. Much of the emboldening process underlying these unfortunate incidents takes place on social media. Speaking out against this type of thinking on social media will go a long way towards stopping this behavior in real life.
  8. Make the house wheelchair accessible before you buy the larger car.
  9. The thing about visa regulations these days is that they seem like they can change on a dime. Didn't Vietnam just revise its visa guidelines? My question to the OP is whether he senses any expat/tourist fatigue setting in or if he has any inkling that visa changes in Cambodia might be on the horizon?
  10. The Thai language news report really was far less inflammatory than I imagined it would be after reading the ThaiVisa recap of the story. The Thai language report (see link in OP) is much more matter of fact in tone, and really can't be said to be stirring up anti-foreign sentiment. The Thai language report doesn't use the word "snitched." Nor was this guy "snitched" on in the sense that someone knew he was on overstay or doing something wrong and then reported him. He was reported to the local police because he seemed out of place and no one seemed to know what he was doing in the area. The police found him, checked his papers and only then discovered his visa had expired. The guy is referred to in the Thai language report as an elderly "hiding kangaroo" and a man from "the land of kangaroos." The immigration police used the "hiding kangaroo" term in their yellow poster board. I am inclined to believe that this was just an attempt at humor, which understandably might have been poorly received in the Australian expat community. But to be fair, the kangaroo is deeply associated with Australia, the red kangaroo is the national animal, and there have been famous Australian movies like Kangaroo Jack and Crocodile Dundee which many Thais have been exposed to. Also, kangaroo (or Jingjoe) is not an uncommon nickname in Thai, so calling someone a kangaroo doesn't have a negative connotation in Thai. At the end of the day, I don't think too much should be read into this.
  11. Looked on Google Maps...that area really is out in the boonies. If he just showed up out of the blue without knowing anyone in town (i.e., not having a girlfriend there) he would have been the subject of ongoing curiosity from day one. In most small villages like this there is virtually no inbound migration, so his sudden appearance as a newcomer would have triggered a fair amount of curiosity just because of that, even if he had been Thai. Everybody would have been curious about where he came from, who he was related to, and what he was doing there. The assumption would be that he was involved with a woman in town, and everyone would want to know who. If he told people, 'Nope, no girlfriend, no wife, just little ole me by myself. Just looking for a quiet little town to hang out in, thought I'd give this place a shot' that would have raised eyebrows in just about any small village. Maybe no one would call immigration right away, but people would probably be speculating about whether you were up to something just because that behavior is so out of the ordinary. The other thing the guy probably forgot to consider is that these villages have an established social pecking order. If there's a newcomer, people are going to scrutinize them closely just to see where he fits in on the pecking order. This pecking-order-establishing-process alone could easily account for a certain amount of catty speculation about him possibly being on the lam, or up to no good. But the main reason is because these villages are almost always insular farming communities which are not used to people joining other than through family ties. Agree he probably would have been better off hiding out in a large city.
  12. The word 'kangaroo' to describe an overstaying Australian is subtly dehumanizing. By describing a person as an animal, it encourages people to think of the hunt for overstayers as a hunt for game and serves to discourage consideration of the human impact his deportation might have.
  13. The word 'kangaroo' to describe an overstaying Australian is subtly dehumanizing language. By describing a person as an animal, it encourages people to think of the hunt for overstayers as a hunt for game and serves to discourage consideration of the human impact his deportation might have.
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