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  1. These road rage incidents can spinout of control so quickly. When some <deleted> acts like the passing lane belongs to them and super aggressively tailgates me, I sometimes deliberately slow down to deter this behavior, but videos like this remind me how quickly things can get crazy. It seems to be getting worse by the day, especially outbound from Bangkok at the start of the weekend and inbound at the end of the weekend. Thailand desperately needs a mobile highway patrol.
  2. Haven't been to Pattaya in well over a decade, and don't particularly care about how the economy there will be this year, but I can tell you this. The harvest in much of Thailand this year is going to be dreadful, and farm incomes will be well down. More men and women than usual seem to have gone off to urban areas looking for employment. To the extent that Pattaya attracts people (both men and women) looking to make a fast buck, I would predict that there might be more people than in recent years looking to sell their wares or relieve you of your possessions. In terms of tourist volumes, global economic uncertainty is probably going to dampen demand. Climate change is also starting to affect tourism. News reports about drought and water shortages in Asia haven't gone unnoticed. As winters in many Western countries become ever milder, the incentive to travel to a tropical destination drops as well. I also can't help but feel the government's xenophobia and police state mentality is starting to negatively impact foreign perceptions of Thailand as a welcoming holiday destination.
  3. Walking and taking public transportation are my favorite ways to explore cities in foreign countries.
  4. Vote with your feet and your pocketbooks. Stop spending money until it gets their attention.
  5. Bored in Thailand? Surely you jest. I feel like I need to be on DEFCON 4 alert here on a round-the-clock basis just to survive. As much as it might provide a welcome respite, boredom just isn't a luxury I feel I can afford. If my head's not swivelling around to avoid getting mowed down in a pedestrian crosswalk, or my neck's not craning to see the scale at the open air market to make sure I'm not being overcharged, or I'm not examining a possible purchase for half an hour to make sure defective merchandise isn't being pawned off on me, or I'm not poking around in my bowl of baa mii to make sure the pork's not raw, or double-checking with the dentist to make sure that a root canal's being done on the right tooth, or trying to figure out why the lights in my house are glowing at night, or where that nok-nok-nok-nok sound in the middle of the night is coming from, I'm wondering when the municipal water or the electricity is going to come back on, or worrying whether the blood work lab results from the local government hospital can be relied upon. In my spare time, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's going to happen after the stock market crashes: inflation or deflation? As if that weren't enough, snakes, hornets, and soi dogs help keep me on my toes as well.
  6. I'm sure that this post will draw a few howls of protest from all the Casanovas and Don Juans out there eager to tell us about their most recent conquests, but, in my humble opinion, I think you may be overstating the ease with which a 55 y/o plus foreign male can find a Thai female companion with most of the attributes generally considered to be desirable in a wife or long-term girlfriend. While finding a younger wife here may still be somewhat easier than for an older guy in the West, when you consider the package of attributes generally viewed to be desirable traits in a spouse by Western men, I think it is misleading to suggest that Thailand is somehow a paradise of romantic opportunity or male domestic bliss. Just one man's opinion. Signed, Quasimodo
  7. Brexit's not in the U.S.'s geopolitical best interests. It's Russia who stands to benefit from a weakened European Union.
  8. It isn't just about how often you go in to have your teeth cleaned, but also about how thorough a visual examination the dentist does and whether they take periodic x-rays to spot problems early on which might not be visible, i.e., whether your dentist practices preventative dentistry. See my recent thread on the subject: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1115612-does-your-dentist-practice-preventative-dentistry/ @Isaanbiker FYI, post #21 on the thread detailed my total cost for root canal, pin, and porcelain crown which came to 13,237 baht. 25K sounds high to me.
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