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  1. My old S5 needs to be replaced soon. Limited my choice to the Android one concept because no pre installed bloat ware or modified UI. Three devices are in my interest: Mi A3 Motorola One Vision Nokia 6.2 Plus All differ slightly in price but also then have more features such as RAM or display size. Any recommendations?
  2. Khao Kor will also be pretty hot during hot season. The area northeast of Hanoi (Sapa, Lao Cai and more east along the Chinese border) is beautiful and also close to what you are describing / looking for. Only downside this is absolute no man's land. No proper store or city nearby, not to mention health care. Lao Cai is an overnight trip by car or train to Hanoi. Probably the situation at the Chinese counterpart border city could be better but you'll need to figure out your visa for this. I'm adding a few pictures
  3. Ah finally they have A-Class in Thailand. Waiting for the smaller, cheaper models which should be affordable once they arrive as CKD.
  4. That is stress created by your own mindset. I enjoy driving in Thailand.
  5. Understand. Then, same as you, I don't really see a point or benefit of this technology. Guess it also doesn't contribute much to fuel savings?
  6. Yes, but what they are going to do then in the car? Playing Candy Crush?
  7. Exactly. Recently Thailand overtook Russia and China as the country with the most unequal distribution of wealth and income.
  8. Wrong, I could turn it on 24/7 if I wanted to but I enjoy the warm climate in Thailand all the year as opposed to the cold and grey winters in Europe. I have a wonderful and replenishing sleep with the fan next to my bed.
  9. No absolutely not.I appreciate the value of money rather than wasting it for overpriced and useless things.
  10. Anyone test driven or owning the two scooter hybrid models on the Thai market? Honda PCX Hybrid / Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid
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