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  1. Some Big C used to have Polenta from their French Casino Brand. I bought it twice and since it was only in a cardboard box it had bugs inside. I found this interesting one: http://sunshinemarket.co.th/wp/index.php/product/corn-flour-golden-masa/
  2. Not a word has come out how it actually works. Can I or let's say a Thai person go to a clinic tomorrow and ask the doctor for a prescription for cannabis. A product that is very likely not available now. So with that possible prescription could one import the substance without any trouble? There are so many open questions and the law appears to be in place without any actual use....
  3. But that is usually corn meal not flour. I found another picture to make it more clear. They also mention (though the text appears very small on the picture) that it is suitable for corn bread. Maybe some store catering for the African community in Bangkok has it?
  4. I was wondering if this is available in Thailand?
  5. I might pop in some pictures from my recent Indonesia trip. Farming in the Highlands near Mount Bromo.
  6. As stated in the text if he wants to threaten them I'll shoot in the air NOT directly at them. What a coward...
  7. Wishful but unlikely. You can't just ban imports of any product just because of the production process. Examples are also gmo soybeans, tomatoes from China or cheap steel or coal. You'll also likely to get problems with the WTO and bilateral tensions. For example, if the EU would stop to import cane sugar from Brazil they could stop their exports of soybean and beef as well as kick out German carmakers.
  8. That is not a real price. The EU is heavily subsidising sugar beet growers to protect them from cheaper cane sugar, mostly from Brazil.
  9. In my home town there is a sugar beet factory about 20km away. If the wind blows in the right direction you could recognise a sweet smell as well.
  10. That and the cutter has wheels so there is always the same distance from the ground.
  11. Most likely they will be F1 Hybrids therefore the resulting plants and fruits might be disappointing. But you can give it a try. It's for free so why not.
  12. Stir fried cabbage with Chorizo. It was delicious. Added some fennel seeds and finger root (usually I use ginger but didn't have at home) against the bowel movements and flatulence from the cabbage and onions. Cabbage being a vegetable that always goes well as simple dish with some meat may it be stir fried, stew or soup.
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