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  1. well, since people are free to roam around the island I don't see much difference to an individual. I guess a tracking app will be mandatory anyway...
  2. Send me the address and date, I happily take the Sinovac vaccine as door opener on my return this summer to Thailand.
  3. Every day a new one until the pandemic is under control.
  4. And maybe for the planned opening in 2030 there will be driverless cars and buses
  5. You are right but it's also not known if it will be compulsory to book a group tour. Thais love group tours so do many of the foreign tourists that have been coming here before. Maybe that's why the TAT threw this option including a price tag into the room.
  6. Don't know about the order status and even if, it won't arrive here before end of this year. Manufacturer queue is full with other countries that ordered far before Thailand was even thinking about it.
  7. I just read the whole newspaper article and they must be out of their mind. A driver less fully automated bus vehicle? What have they been smoking? And from what parallel universe this vehicle will be imported? Just extend the existing bus system so that it is useful for locals and tourists as well. But this won't happen because of the Tuk Tuk and Taxi mafia on the island. Currently you can't even take a bus to any beach except Patong, unless you change to Songthaew somewhere. Is that so hard? For gods sake hire foreign consultants that have experience with tourist areas and introduc
  8. Oh dear, they are real geniuses. Who would have thought that the implementation of a bus service is way cheaper than a rail system. Now tell me how much money has been spent to find this out....
  9. All looking very nice and promising. Can't wait to try this service as foot passenger, with motorcycle or family trip by car.
  10. Unfortunately not working for me since I changed my address within Bangkok (Landlord went to immigration to do that).
  11. Nothing confirmed from government side about the Phuket sandbox therefore it's all speculative.
  12. As it can be cancelled anytime, don't book a flight without free re-scheduling within a year or so. Other than that, we shall wait and see. I am planning to use the Phuket Sandbox to visit my family in Europe and coming back without 14 ASQ.
  13. I don't know where the OP is going to stay in Thailand but in Bangkok or outskirts (generally everywhere in central Thailand) I recommend to ride along the paths of the Klongs and Canals. Very quiet and scenic, mostly no cars only a few motorcycles. Unfortunately I could not figure out an GPS app that uses them so it's a fiddly planning beforehand or just ride them randomly and trying to find a way back to your starting point.
  14. Because one hand doesn't know what the other does. Normal here. And then journalists often getting facts wrong or lost in translation from Thai to English. My hope is that the walk in vaccination centers organised by the BMA are going to happen in June.
  15. Predictions like this are the result of Thai working culture where the best employees getting their head into the rectum of their superiors by creating fake numbers that their bosses would like to see. And of course no one is going to question them openly.
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