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  1. Obstacle is that you need to learn reading, writing and speaking at the same time. I felt like back in elementary school and paused now for reading and writing. But definitely it is the way to go if you have a lot of free time and patient, which I both don't have at the moment.
  2. Ok, I will take a picture of the open breaker box at next opportunity. Also consult with the electrician if he has slightest idea about an RCBO.
  3. I'll ask nearby electrician to install RCBO and eventually a new breaker box. Do they know what an RCBO is or is there a special Thai term for it? I googled RCBO and found plenty of it available online and at DIY outlets. Thanks Crossy for your initial advice!
  4. As member Kickstart said, go for Patipong, they are number one in Thailand and have good quality. Also many different sizes and purpose of their machines.
  5. Hello everyone, I moved into a small house lately and there is no faulty switch (RCD/RCCB) installed. However, there is earthing available in form of a earth pole but it is not connected to the whole wiring. There was a plotter from the previous owner that required earthing and directly connected with the earth pole. I worry a bit about my safety and wanted to know if it is possible (easy?) to install a faulty breaker?
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