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  1. Right, anything official in Thailand should be taken with a grain of salt. Because it's how the officials want to see it to satisfy their superiors all the way up. Same ridiculous idea with denial and no existing prostitution in Thailand while outsiders know it's probably the worlds biggest brothel.
  2. Another brain dead idea. Most people I know who have been visiting Thailand would like to stay a few days in Bangkok. Especially when having a long overseas flight. Also, how to get the tourists to Islands who don't have an airport? By transporting them like infected cattle in buses with police escort?
  3. I suggest you look for calcium nitrate (15-0-0). It's better tolerated by the plants than urea. Found it also at lazada, 1kg bag for 80 Baht. Probably lasting a few year for a balcony garden as mine.
  4. Some people seriously have to much time or a boring life because they need to complain about others. If those people are afraid of catching the virus just stay away from this place or crowd, problem solved.
  5. Where are you living? 19th century? Cannabis hardly considered a drug nowadays with less proven consequences as alcohol or tabacco.
  6. Owned doesn't mean necessarily he bought it. Especially in translations of Thai news articles.
  7. Wondering how the house owner knew there were plants inside. Spare key and spying at his tenants?
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