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  1. can anyone explain whats the origins of these gyrating videos? Did it evolve from the twerk? or did it catch on with some local pop star gyrating to their song?
  2. Easy way to spot fake is look at what the seller sells, if they sell a wide range of items, its most likely a fake. If they specialize only in a handful of brands, it most likely real. Not only that, many fakes would intentionally leave the "Brand" as blank, and only write the brand in item description / title. Search if they have facebook page and company info, those that are more legit many have a presence, not just a lazada seller.
  3. He is the only candidate other than Abhisit, I think would be good for Thailand. I lean towards him because he is a new comer, and has the mind set of a new generation. Abhisit has the right mindset but the Dems are dinosaurs and people behind him can't get things done, it will just be the same same. If Abhisit started his own party and fill it with new minds, it would have been better. Thanathorn wants to tackle corruption, but it would be difficult for him to do so because his family was a staunch supporter of Thaksin. But he doesn't need to rely on government to enrich himself like Thaksin did. I'm willing to give him a chance because frankly most of the other candidates on the list are politicians, police generals, etc. They have all relied on being politicans/influences with the government to make their money.
  4. They do make good products at half the price of competitors. I've been using a bunch of their stuff for years, they are very well made and performs well.
  5. The hidden secret is that Taiwan has one of the best medical services at half the price compare to Thailand (if we compare to private hospitals like Bumrungrad, Samtivej). They are fast and efficient, and very knowledgeable. They don't try to promote the medical industry like Thailand hence its not well known, but for anyone who needs surgery I highly recommend you look into Taiwan. The only downside I would say is that its not 5 star hotel service like at Bumrungrad. Nonetheless, thats not a concern, price and professionalism comes first. Another downside is the long lines, but if you go through an medical tourism agent, they will probably prebook you and handle everything.
  6. Well voting for her is a lot better than voting for Trump.... not sure how many idiots voted for Trump
  7. You just have to hit wholesalers and grocery store where it hurts, those rights groups should test veggies and post the results of which veggies still have these chemicals. This will result in decline sales and force farm good sellers to adapt or loose money. I mean they already do it, but are not making a big enough deal for consumers to avoid certain brands. At the same time, I know they can't post which brand the veggies are from without being sue for defamation. But there are ways around it. The fact is that there are government organizations helping farmers planting crops without using these chemicals, so perhaps they should do a better job at it.
  8. in this case it is a thai name, I have a friend name saharat. You would be surprise how many thai parents name their kids random things as real names.
  9. I had a Thai friend who was born in the US, so his parents named him saharat lol
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