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  1. Lets face it at the end of the day you can say they don't have spatial awareness you can say they need more training but what it really comes down to is THEY DON'T CARE!!. The amount of times I have to swerve to miss cars / trucks / buses on the wrong side of the road in a single journey is absolutely Absurdly high. They know they are doing the wrong thing as they flick on their headlights and beep their horns. GET OUT OF THE WAY.....HIGHSO(They all think they are highso) THAI COMING THROUGH!!!! Until the governement crack down and actually start charging these people, let's face currently its it a wai and 500-3000 THB fine if they kill someone so why would they care!!
  2. with the prices hospitals here charge especially the private ones I expect it to be 10-20x the actual cost!!
  3. I need to buy a new box of testosterone for my trt lasts me a year with 20 amps normally. Seems the boxes are out of stock and they are only selling the single amps of testoviron now but it seems to no longer be made in germany. The pharmacy i went to today showed me a package of bayer but the site was from india and I think it was made in pakistan. Thought I would ask here as I want to get the proper pharma grade testoviron from Germany if possible or if anyone else has bought some and blood tests confirmed it is legitimate would love to know where from, can pm me if needed thanks.
  4. Yes Rotexmedica was the one i was looking at too. Unforunately I live in phuket and the pharmacies all seem to have got together and charging 350thb for 1 vial of testoviron not sure about rotex but wanted to make sure it was good stuff before i looked into buying it. Glad to head you found it acceptable will go and check out prices later today.
  5. why would ladyboys be taking testosterone...wouldn't they be taking female hormones?? lol
  6. ooooh thanks Sheryl do you know what the best choice these days is then, Is it to buy the testosterone from the other german company? or what is everyone doing now for trt?
  7. So I am on trt and once a year I normally buy a new box of Bayuer Test (20 ampules). I am being told all over phuket by the pharmacies that they no longer sell the 20 ampule box and you have to pay 350THB for one. Does anyone know if this is correct or is it just the pharmacies getting together to make more money here?
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