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  1. Easy to obtain for 200 baht or less, just walk into any pharmacy and ask for it by it's generic name - Mycoxafloppin.
  2. Yes, the embassy has enough applications and paperwork to deal with, and won't appreciate anything that's not strictly on the list. The medical certificate is a list of 19th century diseases, most doctors would find it hard to keep a straight face. Fortunately leprosy, elephantiasis, tuberculosis and 3rd stage syphilis can be diagnosed on sight, though my doctor did feel obliged to make a token effort, and pulled out the stethoscope before signing the form.
  3. See the first few replies to the thread - the OP was on a tourist visa, nothing is mentioned to indicate that they have a Thai bank account. Inability to show cash or traveller's cheques is an increasingly frequent reason given by IOs to bar entry.
  4. It's that one where Julia Roberts finds inner peace after getting hammered on cocktail buckets and then gets banged in a 200 baht dorm.
  5. Courage of your convictions? This is exactly the kind of muddle headed stubbornness that's in the driving seat right now.
  6. Still got my Marquee membership card from the early 80s, Wardour Street was a great venue. Saw Mick Abrahams somewhere too, forget where. The first Blodwyn Pig album is an underrated classic - better than the first Tull album I think, though JT hit their stride a couple of years later...
  7. lamyai3


    I'm sure young "spring roll" and "fish balls" will both be very proud to see their names in ink...
  8. I know Tokyo is on the 3rd floor, where you can procure one of these fine t-shirts.
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