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  1. With their extortive pricing on retiree policies, the local insurance companies will surely prove to be directly responsible for the increase in future currency booth hold-ups at gunpoint.
  2. It's nationwide, though the vegetarian festival finished on 7th October. End of Buddhist Lent (ork pansa) was on 13th.
  3. Internet cafes are still around, but they seem to service mostly kids gaming - away from tourist areas you can find places that charge as little as 10 or 15 baht an hour. Older hardware and software, but fine for editing resumes etc, and they have printers if needed. I don't have a home printer as I rarely use them, so the internet cafes are very convenient on the odd occasion I need something printed out.
  4. Fuji in Emquartier is the most accessible (10 minute bts ride). Century Mall in On Nut has Ootoya, which has a similar menu to Fuji, slightly more expensive but much better taste.
  5. Post a photo of the Non O-A showing it was issued under age 50, and I'll post a photo of my pink unicorn.
  6. Has been - past tense, prior to. Enters the Kingdom - not issue of Visa. Effective from 31st October 2019. I think you're reading stuff into it that isn't there. "Has been" simply means that someone is in possession of that kind of visa. It's just a regular past participle stating that they've got one, but worded in flouncy legalese. There's nothing in what they've written to indicate it includes visas predating 31st October, there is however definite guidance to IO's to look for an embassy annotation (which would only be seen on visas issued after the effective date).
  7. Their information is quite clear in the section you quoted, since it refers specifically to a new "visa applicant" from 31st October. By definition an applicant would not yet have been granted the visa.
  8. Be careful not to ask for ping-pong.
  9. Pak Nam is a good place to get a cheap haircut. Seems to be a barber or hairdresser in town about every 20 metres you walk, even more than you'll find in Golgafrincham.
  10. The Link, soi 50? 12k should easily have you sorted in the district.
  11. It's way more appealing than it was six years ago, unless you've got a luddite aversion to malls and better infrastructure.
  12. Yes - it's very good for this, in terms of showing local options, prices and photos.
  13. No, there isn't. Century Mall has Fuku Intown on the second floor, probably getting it confused with this.
  14. It's pretty popular, many Thais buy from there (often for take home) and I highly doubt they're vegan. I eat there too regularly if the selection is right and I'm also not vegan. Good value, 60 baht for three dishes on top of brown rice.
  15. This isn't possible, Non O-A are not issued to those under 50. 15 months is typical of a maxed out Non O that would allow 90 day entries, so you must be remembering it wrong.
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