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  1. ok, thanks, I avoid vip ; I can go by myself to Aranyaprathet ( 100 kms from my home )
  2. Hello there are VIP bus from BKK to Phnom phen; 11 hours, it's very long ! do you recommand a compagny ? or stop in Aranyprathet one night and go to Phnom phen ? ( bus or mini van ) ?; an hotel in Phnom phen ( aroune 1200 Bahts ) , ; I would like to go to Angkor Want ; I guess it's worth a visit thanks for your help
  3. I have not read the 22 pages, but somebody sent me this text; look at the last paragraph For the first year, they accept that we get a foreign insurance, but the second year, they say we must buy an insurance in a thai compagny http://longstay.tgia.org/home/guidelineoa
  4. Hello, I think to go to Cambodia one week ( to change my O-A visa in tourist visa and change it later in O visa in Thailand ( I live in Thailand ) which visa do I need ? I have heard I can have it at the Cambodian border ? And my Thai girl friend, does she need a passport ( where to have it ? ) and a visa ? ( if so, I guess she can have the visa at the border, too ) thanks
  5. Right ! sorry, it's not Joe who decides the things, it's immigration office ; event if it's wrong the officer this morning told me that even with an extension and already an insurance in my country, I must have one in Thailand ; I hope to have very soon an official who says cleary " extension don't need " ; so far , nothing like this
  6. My extension is valid until november 14 th . I can stay in Thailand till this date and go out this day ? ( because, of course, I had the stamp last year )
  7. Thanks, I shall do it ; for visa O, can I have on in a surrounding country ? extension is easy ? because I would like to my insurance in my country thanks
  8. thanks, but the ( 6 ) is not clear : only for an alien, who has been granted Non-immigrant visa cla O-A , must buy a thai insurance online etc of course I was granted an O-A visa, they don't speak of a new visa , neither of an old visa ( mine is 9 years old ) , again interpretation
  9. Hello, my extension is due on november 14 th; this morning I went in advance to do it ( O-A ) in Prachinburi I-O and the officer told me that according to the new law, I have to have an insurance in Thailand; I told her that I have one already in my country, but she told me no matter you must have one in Thailand, or I go out of Thailand and ask for O visa I guess she is wrong, can you tell me where I can find an official text in thai language which explains that it's only for new O-A Thanks a lot
  10. 27 countries are too many already, no more please, enough problems in EU
  11. I feel very negative about some TVF members , especially bashing Thailand people, many of them here, never satisfied apart this, I got many helps here for technical problems ( electricity, computers …) from members; thanks to them
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