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  1. I feel you are American yes, Boeing is very good, in the past I have travelled one time in a Boeing 777 and was very impressed, but, you know, I am European, so I hope Airbus will fly many many years more, they have proved that they can build wonderful planes like the A380
  2. No A380 anymore doesn't mean that we can't fly with it anymore: she can fly about 30 years more , and Airbus is not finished: 890 aircrafts to build in 2019 ( a220, a320, a330 neo and A350 )
  3. Sad, wonderful plane, silent … I was lucky to travel with it several times from Europe to BKK
  4. I suppose that before you were not at Krungsri Bank ; how did you transfer the 800000 bahts to the new bank ? may be I could be interested, but I want to keep my saving account with SCB; there is a Krungsri bank a few hundred meters from my bank and what you describe is better than the SCB fixed account
  5. These two last years ( last time of my extension with a fixed deposit of 800000 bahts : october 2018 ), Prachinburi IO accepted my FD , no problem next month, I'll go and ask them if for the future and the new rules, they will still accept it
  6. You are unlucky and I am sorry for you; it depends really of people ! I never take money from ATM, always cash from the desk , in three SCB branches, and never had any bad attitude from the staff; withdraw cash is a normal operation
  7. I have a SCB account for more than 10 years, 3 different branches, nothing to blame , nothing to complaint , nice and smiling women, but because it's up country, they don't speak good English , better to speak Thai with them
  8. Because phonetics represent the sound, not the spelling, the only acceptable spelling is " falang " , not farang ( have you ever heard a Thai say " farang " ? ) they are unable to pronounce our " r "
  9. Right, the rest is only phonetics , for people who can't read or write Thai every nationality has is own way to write it with it's own script ; how do you spell it in Chinese ?
  10. You have problems with politics here? nobody disturbs me here , I don't make problems and no visits of police, military etc ...
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