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  1. that's why I like this language , some "strange " things , different language
  2. I would like to know if it's true she is Thai; where is the poster who told it, how did he know it ? ; I have heard of a French woman ( Caucasian ) almost in the same situation
  3. I have a Daikin inverter for my computer room , because many people here told it is a very good brand ; yes, good, 3 years now, no problem and electricity bill is low and it's silent ! computer room, 10 square meters , 8.5000 BTU, 28 C degrees ( normal temperature is 40 Celcius )
  4. Is it very sure she is Thai? because I have the story of a French woman with her son (not husband ) , from the same part of France, who take the plane at the same date and was allowed to go to Ko samui at the same date but she spent 14 days of quarantine in Bangkok she changed her O-A visa in non O visa, because she was accompagnied by her son who goes to school in Ko Samui
  5. no bise ( kiss ) in French embassy ; I was there 3 weeks ago, everything is very strick about covid I don't think she go it here, and I hope she didn't leave the virus there ( for me, no ) from the calendar, i think she got the virus in quarantine
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