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  1. I have the same Kindle ( bought in Thailand ) for at least 9 years, read everyday , never failed for the old books, I have tried to read Flaubert, Hugo, Dumas ( original , it's my language ), i found that so long, boring, too rich , long sentences to say what now we say in a few words but ok, I shall give an other try, let say Dumas ( father or son, don't know yet ), but I really prefer modern style ( let's say second half of 20 th century and now : sober, in a few words everything is said )
  2. White vinegar is good friend for a fridge, clean it with vinegar, kills bacterias
  3. True ... bad news from Astra ; I am waiting for the approval of Pfizer ; Astra doesn't seem so good, Pfizer better for the Indian variant
  4. Hello, I had a very low sodium level, and I had losses of balance, synchronization and a big fall; I spent 2 days in the hospital, where they gave me salty water infusions in the blood (about 2 liters); now I'm ok, and my friends recommend me to take "StronK-K electrolyte beverage" to have sodium every day ; it's pleasant to drink, do you think it's good, and how many sachets per day? thank you For story of exercise, I have what I need, just to be sure my sodium level is ok
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