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  1. ok, so I see that Paypal is a bad idea ; I have bought everything I need from outside, so now I don't need visa card anymore; for Thailand, I buy from Lazada and I pay cash; next years, I shall pay only subscription for VPN, Malwarebytes , such things, so I would like to avoid visa card ; I have a debit card with SCB, is there a way to have a credit card and does it work to pay for example a VPN ? thanks
  2. Hello next year my visa card is about to expire I use it very little and find that I pay too much for it I'm thinking of canceling it and putting money (in euros) on my Paypal account (for the moment, there is nothing and my account is in Thailand, so far I paid with my visa card and Paypal ) Do you think this is a good solution, it would allow me to make some purchases in Europe or somewhere else without a visa card? thank you
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