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  1. Go on the app. internet on , it located my house , there is a small " i " in the top right , press and mark my location, at the bottom it says " my location " slide that up and it gives your address and co-ordinates.
  2. Go onto Google Maps , zoom in to where your house is with the cursor and left click , that will give you your co-ordinates.
  3. I have been receiving from the uk within a week of posting and it is the same sending back to the uk. These are tracked letters by the way. 3 books sent from the uk took 3 weeks.
  4. Well it wouldn't have been damaged if they had waited till after they had put the money in.
  5. " Knew the area and the loading of money well ". Well obviously not Sherlock , if they were that smart, wouldn't they have waited until the following day , when the 6.2 million baht was put in ?
  6. Strange that , cos' our dry season usually starts in November and finishes back end of March early April. Been that way for a good many years.....
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