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  1. NE1

    Air fryer

    I prefer the glass oveny sort of thing , you can see what is happening without opening the lid to see if stuff is done.
  2. I use BKK bank and have always had my passbooks copied onto BKK bank headed paper . Stamped at the bottom and signed by someone at the bank. I was told by the bank a few years ago that it would take 2 weeks to get a bank statement , but by then it would be out of the 24 hr time limit the Imm. office imposed. I explained that to the Immi. officers and have used the former method ever since. I hope it hasn't changed. Is there any bank that does an on the spot bank statement ? Would be nice to know for future reference.
  3. New Iphones and other stuff to buy before money " wasted " on drain covers and pot holes.
  4. Whenever I see the headlines " TAT Introduces Tourism Plan " I immediately think of " Once upon a time "
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