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  1. Had a similar problem with BKK bank. I wanted a phone number change for OTP. Went to the bank , filled forms in , copied passport , signed everything 2 or 3 times , " one week it will be changed " I thought 10 business days should suffice . No. Went back to the bank and there was another doc. I had to fill in , as they forgot about it first time . Had to wait another 2 weeks before everything changed. I don't think it matters what bank you use , as somebody earlier suggested , use the one closest to home , it won't stop them being incompetent , but it is less of a distance for you to travel when they are.
  2. Wait till the schools start back , 2 or 3 up , nobody older than 10 . This is what I don't get . Somebody else stated before , Covid 19 has killed 57 people and the police are everywhere , closing beaches monitoring roads in and out of places , road checks here there and everywhere. Yet they can't control under age , no license , no insurance , no helmet wearing kids on motor bikes. Pathetic.
  3. Had similar problems with my BKK Bank debit card. Couldn't pay my True vision bill over the internet ( card not valid etc. ) Last week it worked , but I couldn't use it to pay TOT ( card not valid etc. ) Works on Lazada and E bay all the time. I don't know if it is because Mastercard is not as secure as Visa , who knows.
  4. Out here in sticksville we have had a market every Saturday without fail. Literally thousands of people pass through this market every Saturday. The only precautions are :-Temp. check and hand sanitizer stations at the 3 entrances and masks. The 7-11 at the entrance 6 days a week asks for name , phone number etc. Not on a Saturday though " to much people "
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