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  1. It wouldn't have helped with my arm resting on my lap while the BP was taken.
  2. I read that the machine , and your arm should be level with your heart. I also checked my blood pressure at home 123 / 78. I had a 60 kilometre drive to the hospital . The blood pressure machine wasn't on a table , it was a stand up one on wheels. The machine towers above the seated patient and the arm has to rest on your lap. 155 / 93 was my reading. I talked to them about the arm , machine and heart inline , and they didn't understand , gave one of those nervous laughs and wanted to give me tablets. I refused , got back home and checked my pressure , it was 125 / 83.
  3. The arrows appeared on mine and it doesn't work half as well as before. Must be another " improved app "
  4. Colin Villjoen ( if that's how you spell it ) for Ipswich
  5. Re NordVPN , I have just hit the wrong button and removed my wifi from " my trusted wifi network " is there anyway to get it back again ?
  6. I never ever got problems with Visa , but since we went to Mastercard it is very hit and miss. Much prefered Visa.
  7. Same here . sometimes it is one delivery at the end of every month , sometimes he subs the job out to a mate. Today I got my receipt from paying last months True Vision bill and the bill for last month . So I got the Bill and the paid receipt on the same day.
  8. With the old one out , does this mean we can get Visa back on our debit cards ?
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