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  1. As already pointed out, this is nothing more than an advertisement. They are part of 'Digital Broker Venture' who are into much more than medical recommendations. Founded in Phuket, you can read all about it on Google, of course. Considering the very few hospitals that have international accreditation, it's surprising to see a statement as Thailand being one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism.
  2. What records are these then? Another proposal from the Ministry of Silly Ideas. As usual, a proposal, that won't get off the ground.
  3. Obviously a misprint as the financial rules in 2008 were the same as they are now.
  4. There are two numbers used as identification in International Banking. The SWIFT code "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications": Used to identify a specific bank during international transactions. IBAN "International Bank Account Number": Used to identify an individual account during an international transaction. Both numbers are important for the smooth running of international banking. They don't have any place in the domestic market.
  5. HHTel


    'crumpet' is in English slang meaning a 'sexy girl'. i.e. "She's a nice bit of crumpet".
  6. I'm sure what the OP posted is true regarding Phuket Immigration. However, it'll never work like that. You are granted an extension of stay based upon your activity in the previous year, never granted on what may or may not happen in the future!! When you renew your extension to stay, you are stamped and approved to remain in the country for a further 12 months. That cannot be revoked unless you commit a crime or something similar. When you renew your permission to stay in 2020, conditions will be checked over the previous 12 months. i.e. 800K in the bank after your previous extension, 800K in the bank prior to the current application and not less than 400K in between. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. It should be noted that the IO ultimately has the discretion to grant or refuse your application regardless of stated rules. Some IO's have great difficulty in understanding something that is quite simple and just like posters here, will invent all sorts of hurdles!! That's how it'll work. Anyone want to put a side bet on??
  7. Where on earth did that come from. A comment I'd expect from those across the Atlantic but not from a Liverpudlian!!
  8. I have used an immigration officer some years ago. In those days, officers were plying for trade, each one undercutting their colleagues. There was no need for an agent. Not sure if this still goes on as I imagine they're more worried about being caught in today's climate. There was a report late last year where Big Joke had arrested 2 immigration officers for skirting around the rules. He checked several bank letters and found that in a number of cases, the money had only been in the bank for a matter of half an hour. The IO's were taken to task. I don't remember it being reported that there were repercussions with the agents. I think going through an agent is going to be risky, at least in the near future until things settle down and 'backhanders' become the norm again.
  9. HHTel


    I was brought up in the north and I've never heard of raisins in pikelets. The main difference between piklets and crumpets is the 'egg rings'. Pikelets are usually free form so therefore thinner and crumpets are what Warburton's make. Having said that, in the north of England both variations are called pikelets. That pic in the previous post look nothing like either but do look tasty nevertheless.
  10. One of my most memorable quotes from Google was: "In 2 kilometres the road is flooded for 1.5 kilometres" and it showed visually as well and was spot on!
  11. I'm sure you're not making it up. However the official police order states it quite clearly. Obviously, your local IO has failed to get their head around it yet. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash.
  12. Correct. The guy obviously divided it the other way round which would give how many bags to the baht == 5.
  13. These are not police orders just interpretations from one office. The official police order is the one to read.
  14. Unless a single party gets a huge majority of seats in the house of representatives (highly unlikely) then the Senate (all appointed by Prayuth) will dictate what is and what isn't.
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