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    Lights on for safety

    Yes, Thailand has fog. Caused by cold air passing over warmer water of land. Usually in the morning. Try driving through the mountains or hills early in the morning. You will see fog!
  2. A few months after the coup, I was stopped at a police check point manned by both police and army. I noticed a soldier videoing and asked why he was doing that. He replied that it's was for my protection as the RTP have been known to plant drugs in your car and you'd be stopped at the next checkpoint where the drugs would be found. He was videoing to prevent the police from continuing this scam. So it is a well known procedure.
  3. Drunk on a bicycle in the UK 1,000 pounds (40,000 baht). Cycling dangerously 2,500 pounds (100,000 baht). Drunk and dangerous you're into 140,000 baht. 500 baht fine in Thailand is not going to change anything.
  4. The rule was repealed by the Education Dept but still allowed schools to make their own rules. N.B. That quote was from ColinNell, not GTgrizzly.
  5. These rules are the individual school's (and others) own rules. The ED dept repealed the national rule some time ago allowing students to have long hair. They then backtracked by allowing schools to make their own rules. There are many schools that followed the Education Department's lead in allowing long hair. These schools score much better than the ones that are run by power crazed administration and teachers. Whichever way you look at it, someone cutting hair at school against the will of the student and parents are guilty of assault, a criminal offence. If a student flouts 'school rules' then the school has other options. Suspension, expulsion for example. The options for parents/students are either comply or move to a better school. Rote teaching was supposed to have been abandoned under the direction of the Education Dept in favour of 'Student Centred Learning'. However, all the government schools I've known continue with 'rote' to the detriment of their students.
  6. Of course they're not 'within their rights'. It's assault! The school rules certainly does not allow a teacher to cut a student's hair and if it did then the rule would be illegal.
  7. I'll pick up on this one. Icecreams are normally put into a bag to keep them frozen until you get home. The bag is foil, not plastic. If they then add a plastic bag, then just refuse it.
  8. Of course, you're right. I used 2 mill by 10,000 stores and 30 days per month. I used to be good at mental arithmetic but obviously now I should use a calculator.
  9. Without his knowledge, the escape may never have got underway with the foreign experts that successfully rescued the boys. The Thais are always reluctant to ask for help and would have probably 'gone alone' which would probably resulted in a tragedy. The quotes around the word HERO are an insult.
  10. 100 million bags in a month. That equates to around TWO bags per hour in each store. Just shows that every little helps when brought into the big picture!
  11. Are some people really that bored they respond to posts 18 months old.