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  1. They will find out eventually and you will have to pay back any overpayments. A friend of mine did just that and was caught out. He was still paying back 50 quid a month till the day he died.
  2. Now making children out of plastic! Whatever next?
  3. Koh Samed has banned plastic on the island backed up by signs both on the island and the mainland. This includes 3 x 7/11's on the island. People have said that 7/11's will never stop the issue of plastic bags. It's working on the island and is proof that life can go on without the need for plastic bags.
  4. I'll just carry on ignoring it. It's not been a problem so far. Traveled around Thailand in the last few months and still renewed my extension this past week. TM30? "Sorry, don't understand!"
  5. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where the immigration office shows real common sense. I've never filled in a TM30, and until recently, didn't know what one was. I renewed my extension yesterday. Application printed by computer, no mention of a TM30 or required to return in 3 months with my bank book. In and out in 20 mins done and dusted. I've spent time in 3 other places in the last few weeks. Some in hotels who will have submitted a TM30 but certainly not picked up by my IO.
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